Saturday, February 18, 2012

Food beotches

Scott Babe and I tried a new Italian restaurant tonight in Montclair called Acappello. Our favorite Chinese restaurant, Sesame, was once in this location. Anyway, click here for a pretty set of images from Flickr. We sat at the table that is the third frame on the link. We actually ate at their sister restaurant, Cara Mia, in Millburn that night we saw Melissa & Joe Gorga! Because we liked Cara Mia, we thought this should be good, too. Not quite, but I think we simply ordered the wrong things. Their specials weren't special! I tried the seared scallops with risotto and was disappointed. Just bland and the hint of fish taste didn't help things. Nothing to write home about or blog about! And Scott's "special" was the short ribs. Scott thought they were tough and needed more cooking time to be the right tenderness. Have we become giant food snobs or what?! We will, however, try Acappello again and maybe stick to the menu items.

Trend Coffee & Tea House on Bloomfield Avenue

We then walk a half block to try the fairly new coffee joint called Trend. At first, I was very excited when we scored this bay window seating with high-back chairs. We were encouraged by our waitress to peruse the dessert selection in the glass case. I had room for dessert and was excited to check it out. They sold the famous "Mr. Cupcakes" from Clifton. It reminded me of the old Cafe Eclectic, but these desserts didn't entice me. "How long had they been in there?" I wondered. I wasn't going to take any chances. Scott & I kept things simple (or so we thought) and just ordered two cappuccinos. When they arrived, they weren't as hot as we like them. We got a good laugh from the Sweet'N Low. As Scott was pouring his usual three packets, he said, "How old is this?? Good Lord."

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