Sunday, February 26, 2012

Midnight in NY

Saturday, Feb. 25th - Tribeca Grand Hotel in NYC


Soho Photo Gallery's Small Works exhibit

 Dinner at Butter in NoHo neighborhood
 Dessert to die for -- Raspberry Beignets with vanilla dipping sauce

 Birthday girl Sarah; Top pic - Scott, Miranda, Alex and Sarah; Bottom pic - Marie, Heidi and Scott

 Sunday - late breakfast at Doughnut Plant in the Chelsea Hotel
Pineapple and the Blackout

Sarah's 35th birthday party at the Tribeca Grand Hotel gave us an excuse to not come home that night because her party wasn't going to start until 10 pm! I scored a decent online rate for the night but was also able to get a further reduction by picking up the phone. :-)

Upon arrival, the front desk quickly made us feel at home with free glasses of pink champagne! We were then asked if we wanted to borrow an iPad for our night's stay. I knew from their website that this was one of their cool amenities.  But looking back, maybe the pet goldfish would have been cooler. No, I'm not joking.

We had time to check out photos taken by my former colleague, Mike, who was exhibiting two tiny images in the Soho Photo Gallery's Small Works exhibit. I loved that the gallery was across the street from the hotel. The show of smaller scale prints was a nice change of pace. 

My friend Alex had raved about Butter during NYC's Restaurant Week and I quickly put it on my "to eat" list. Boy oh boy were we blown away. We overindulged ourselves at this posh restaurant yet somehow managed to leave some room for dessert.

I'm shy on the dance floor so I don't really think I burned those beignet calories off at Sarah's party! We had a blast and it was great to see friends.

And following up with a bit of a beignet theme, I took Scott Babe to Doughnut Plant in the Chelsea Hotel the next day. He thought it was a charming cafe and he loved his doughnuts!! Yes, plural. I only ate half of mine and he ate the other half plus his "blackout" doughnut.


  1. Fun!
    And please pass me the Raspberry Beignets with vanilla dipping sauce...thank you.

  2. Mmmmm... Donuts.