Thursday, February 9, 2012

My kind of class

Scott Babe and I met Austrian winemaker, Markus Huber, this evening at our local wine shop, Amanti Vino. I was quick to sign us up for this class because I have a soft spot for anything Austrian due to my year abroad back in 1989. 

Scott doesn't hide his feelings.

At one point during class, I saw him looking bored. I looked down, thinking he was taking notes like me and was startled to see that he wanted less talk and more wine! See his illustration below:

I must say however, that Scott's ears perked up when Markus talked of SO2 and CO2 during the bottling process.

Our favorite wine out of the seven we tasted was the Huber Eiswein Riesling, made from grapes that were frozen on the vine (a requirement). It's a dessert wine and I hope to surprise Scott with it on our Valentine's Day dinner that we'll be celebrating in the comfort of our home.

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