Thursday, March 8, 2012

A day of excitement

My 22-year-old niece, Tarissa, attended a Paul Mitchell trade show in Las Vegas last month. Because of her warm and out-going personality, she networked with the owner of Caru, a high-end salon in Hoboken.  The owner asked Tarissa to come shadow him and the day finally came today! (Shadowing will test her skills and show how she is with the clients.)

Tarissa first stopped in the city before taking the bus to Hoboken. I was able to take an extended lunch and pal around with her.  I met up her at Port Authority and she hadn't yet applied her make-up. Port Authority is no place for her to get dolled up; I took her to the Conde Nast building to freshen up. I had always wanted to show her the Frank Gehry-designed Cafeteria, anyway -- where taking pictures inside is verboten. hehe.

We then went to nearby Shake Shack in Times Square.  It was before noon and I could not believe my eyes when I saw that most of the tables were already taken!

After our delicious lunch, I headed back to the office and Tarissa was off to her exciting opportunity in Hoboken.

Because of cutbacks with the cleaning service in our office, we ALL have been sneezing up a storm. I was thrilled to have this little guy, the iRobot Roomba, come vacuum our cubes! It was soothing to watch. Babe, can we get one?!

Matt and Lindsay make the rest of the afternoon go by fast. My day doesn't end here though, the three of us plus Matt's wife Lauren all dine at the quaint French restaurant in the West Village called Buvette. We had a belated 30th birthday celebration for Matt.

The 1 Train downtown (photo taken by a stranger)

Small plates of goodness!
OMG to the chocolate mousse above!

And I must give photo credit to Lauren for the Buvette card, I would never have been able to achieve that sharpness after a night filled with Prosecco!


  1. I swear you meet the most interesting food...and Roombas.