Sunday, March 4, 2012

King size

Feb. 28th - Our master bedroom minus our old queen bed! And Scott babe playing with the wheels of the old frame.
 YAY! That's one of our box springs!

Assembling by father and son team, Alvin and Corey + Scott Babe!

Scott making indoor snow angels! ♥

Safety first...
 Scott babe had his safety glasses on when drilling the second set of steps to a cube for the Pooch. 
She's 15 and can't jump.

March 4th - Clean sheets

 The Pooch is a fan of the new bedding. ♥
Scott Babe and I finally got our dream bed -- King size! We've always had better night sleeps on a larger bed when we go away so why not bring vacation comfort into our own home?

The process of finding the right mattress and box spring was a bit of a process but Macy's Furniture Store in Wayne made it painless. Their friendly customer approach made it a good experience. Sleepy's in Verona on the other hand, made it as uncomfortable as an old mattress.

Finding the perfect bedding was a challenge but we are thrilled with the result. We never had a goose-down comforter and it turns out that we aren't the only ones happy -- The Pooch is a magnet to this comfort.