Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Geese

We had a nom nom nom Saturday to celebrate Scott's 41st birthday.

Time for lunch!

Black Bear Bistro & Cellar: Hand cut potato chips

Scott Babe helping out Jim in the shed

 After I took this photo of Scott's peach cobbler, the candle blew out. Scott was sad. Does this mean he doesn't get his wish? :-/

 Photos taken by Marcia

EASTER SUNDAY - all photos taken by David:
 Scott & I were able to join the end of my parent's Easter celebration and do dessert with everybody and also celebrate Christi's and Scott's birthdays. But the highlight of the day were a male goose and a female goose in the backyard! We missed this excitement, as we were still driving up to Jersey from VA, but my brother David captured it beautifully.

The male goose

The pregnant female goose following the male goose

Uncle Frankie loves wildlife

My cousin Christi's husband, Darvin, just domesticated the goose! :-) Tarissa believes this poor goose's feet were being munched on by a turtle. :-(

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