Monday, April 16, 2012

The hills are alive

If it wasn't for me googling these three words, Uppsala, travel, and blog, I wouldn't have known about Gamla (old) Uppsala -- the site where Vikings made human and animal sacrifices to Norse gods and the Royal burial mounds of powerful 6th century kings.  I became immediately intrigued when I saw this posting and included it in my itinerary for Monday afternoon.

Self portrait as I wait for a bus to take me to Gamla Uppsala, 3 miles away.

You can see Uppsala's Palace and Cathedral in the distance.

 The second building is the Gamla Uppsala Museum

 Gamla Uppsala Church

The stone church of Gamla Uppsala, built over the pagan temple, dates from the early 12th century. Due to fire and renovations, the present church is only a remnant of the original cathedral. 

the wooden belfry

Inside the church:

detail of saints

Reredos showing Saint Erik, Saint Eskil, Peter, Mary, Jesus, John, Paul, Saint Olov and Bishop Henrik in the top row and Bishop Erasmus, St Leonard, Maria Magdalene, St Elizabeth, St Bridget, St Gertrude, St Bernard of Clairvoux and St Lars in bottom row.

pulpit and pews

detail of the wall

Time for a coffee!

Odinsborg Restaurant & Cafe  - built in 1899

 gamla kakelugnen - old fireplace

cappuccino and homemade blueberry pie

The Gamla Uppsala Museum:
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check out the Gamla Uppsala Museum, but was able to see what I missed by searching the internet. Viking items excavated included silver jewelry, swords and this viking helmet.
Permission to use photograph granted by Silva Danielsson.

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