Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jet-Lagged in Uppsala

Scott & I got ourselves settled into our room and then we checked out Uppsala. Scott has been to this university town over a dozen times over the past 15 years for work. I was excited to finally check out some of the things he has mentioned such as Max's burger and O'Connor's in the main square.

O'Connor's in Stora Torget -- the center square.

Fyris river

This restaurant was on my to-eat idea list. 
Sadly, we didn't make it there this week, but Scott's colleague, Kyril, had an opinion of it:
"The only place in town where you can get the freshest and best seafood.  Hugely expensive, tiny place, and perhaps a little too 'cramped.'  Avoid, unless you will enjoy going to the counter where all seafood is displayed, pointing your finger at a piece of fish and saying, 'Cook this for me, please.'"

Good thing I took these pics because when I explored the inside of them on Friday, it was a mix of snow and rain outside! On the left is Museum Gustavianum -- Uppsala University's oldest building and home to the Anatomical Theatre where dissections took place over 300 years ago. Uppsala's cathedral, Domkyrkan, is Scandinavia's largest and tallest church. Equally long and tall. Built 1270-1435.

We stopped at the grocery store around the corner from our hotel to get soda for the room. Scott Babe is showing me his favorite drink in Sweden -- Pear Cider. I liked that they had my favorite drink when I'm in Austria: Gösser beer :-)

Time to figure out dinner. 
Scott's colleagues: Dan, Greg, Kyril, Adam, John, Eric, Carlos

We ended up choosing Lingon. Kyril & Scott have been there many times for their delicious, upscale Swedish dishes.

 Dinner came with a view! Our table was upstairs and I took this photo with Scott's iPhone.


I thought it was great that Lingon did amuse-bouche! I believe it was a mushroom crostini with smoked and cured boar with pickled onions. Their signature lingonberry is also present! 
Middle dish is Scott's reindeer appetizer and please notice the lingonberry on top left of plate! 
Bottom: Lingon's Meatballs with mashed potatoes

Back to our hotel.
 I dedicate this photo to my girlfriend Sam, who loves a lot of ice in her soda and knows first hand that it can sometimes be a challenge to get enough ice in her drinks in Europe. Scott LOVED that this ice machine was on our floor with large cups! ♥

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