Friday, April 20, 2012

Last day in Sweden - Pub Crawl

We had a mix of snow and rain today, in Uppsala. I made the best of it. :-)

Landings Konditori
Cappuccino and Kanelbullar (Cinnamon roll)

Museum Gustavianum - Uppsala University's oldest preserved building:
 View of the Cathedral from Museum Gustavianum

Field-bottle made of leather and silk; Bag made of velvet with gold and silver embroideries. Both from Turkey, around 1600. Aren't they gorgeous?

Helmet, spearhead and belt from Boat-grave from the 7th century

Valsgärde. The Vendel Period - The Viking Age

Around 1400 years ago, a man was buried on a ship at Valsgärde north of Uppsala. With him on the ship he had weapons, household items, food, horses and dogs. He was not the first to be buried on the site and more would be buried in a similar fashion after him. The individuals buried in the Valsgärde burial site belonged to the social elite. There are 15 boat-graves at Valsgärde. They date from 600 AD to 1050 AD. The boat-graves are believed to have been the resting place for only one man per generation.

Glass bowl and claw-beaker, Boat-grave, 7th century; Beads from a cremation grave, hook with animal head in bronze and equal-armed brooch, all from 10th century.

Bridles from Boat-grave, 10th century and other items 7th century.

(Viking horses were only about 51-57 inches in withers height)

The Anatomical Theatre

One of only seven ancient anatomical theaters in the world to get by on natural light. Gruesome public dissections that took place in the 1663 theater were lit by a sun-crested cupola, one of Uppsala's distinctive landmarks.
During the last part of the 18th century and onwards, the Anatomical Theatre was used by the University Library. Around the middle of the 19th century, the interior was demolished and the upper section functioned as a zoological museum. In the 1950s, the theatre was restored to its former state.

The Augsburg Art Cabinet
My pictures didn't turn out well but you can get the gist.
The Augsburg Cabinet of Curiosities, a gift to King Gustav II Adolf from the German city of Augsburg in 1632. It is an ebony cabinet encrusted with gemstones and filled with drawers and "pigeonholes" in which the king placed his precious objects (though someone moved them long ago).

Uppsala Cathedral:

Sculpted figures of King Gustav Vasa (d. 1560) and two of his wives on top of his cenotaph:
Gustav's first wife was Catherine of Saxe-Lauenburg (to his right in above picture), whom he married in 1531 for political reasons. They didn't talk to each other -- Gustav only knew how to say "Guten Tag" and Catherine didn't know Swedish, however they did have one son:  Eric XIV (1533–1577), Duke of Kalmar. Catherine died young, at age 22.

Gustav quickly married Margareta. (She is to his left) She took care of young Eric and ended up having ten kids with Gustav, which I think killed her at the young age of 37. And then Gustav married a 17-year-old, Katarina Stenbock. I didn't see a sculpture of Katarina...

After the cathedral, I checked out the Upplandsmuseet (Museum of Uppland). 

I decided to try Max for lunch. Scott had mentioned this fast-food to me countless times. It was good. Their burger was very similar to Burger King's. 

My afternoon coffee was at Café Cappuccino:
$1.68 coffee & $8.39 dessert
  I decided to go with a slice of this dense chocolate cake. The girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream. Tough decision! I chose the whipped cream ---delicious dessert & a great strong cup of a coffee. ♥ 

Pub Crawl time:
I took this photo as Scott & I were getting out of the elevator at our hotel to meet up with his colleagues.

Bar #1 - Shhhhhhhh! This is an exclusive university bar! You can't just go in off the streets! :-)  Harald was too cool for school to organize this unique experience for us. We had the place to ourselves until 6 pm, when it was time for the students to arrive and for us to head to bar #2.
Wisby Klosteröl beer from a monastery in Visby, Sweden

Kyril, John, Brian, Adam
Dan, John, Brian

Bar #3 - Baren Baren
The pear cider is sooooo good.

Erik, Adam, John
 More pear cider!
Scott Babe talking to a local.

I could see the shelves of liquor at the bar from where I was seated -- the pink bottle caught my eye. It was a grapefruit liquor of some sort and I asked the bartender if he could make me a drink with it. Reader, this was one of my favorite drinks ever. Dan ended up ordering it as well and I had a couple more. 
THE END of my Sweden photos. I hope you enjoyed. :-)

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