Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Montclair's First French Portfolio Tasting

Scott Babe and I had an extraordinary Tuesday evening. I am thrilled that we got tickets for this Montclair Film Festival benefit organized by Amanti Vino at Bangz Salon and Spa. This is also where Scott gets his hair cut! Bangz rents out their "vault" space for private parties. (Their style stations are removable!)

We met 35 wonderful French wine makers and had the opportunity to have a taste of 165 world class wines! No...we didn't try all of them but a good many. :-)

Bangz is just a few blocks from our apartment!

These two pictures were taken by Scott Babe

My favorite wines all night were the ones pictured on the left: Chateau Maucoil

Claire from Chateau De Bonhoste gave the most generous pours!


  1. Never been to one before. Would love to go. I'd also like to try a bottle of the winery you enjoyed most too. Thanks