Saturday, April 7, 2012

Passover in Virginia

To celebrate Passover and Scott's birthday, Scott and I took Friday off to drive to Virginia.  This was a different road trip compared to others because I'm learning to drive stick shift! I'm pretty bad at it, but with time I'm sure I will be good at it. I was able to give Scott a break. The highway was easy because I remained in 5th gear. Turning off for a pit stop is another story!

Snapshots from the road in Paris! ---- > Paris, Virginia! Isn't it just lovely? 

Marcia prepared a delicious Seder dinner and we read from the Haggadah. Scott's father, Jim, chose which sections we read so it wouldn't be long and dull.  Marcia & Jim shared with me that when they were growing up, the Seder would go on for hours. I relished our condensed version.

I took this photo a moment too soon. 
It's missing the charred egg that is symbolic of the sacrifice in the temple in ancient Jerusalem and of everlasting life.

 About to begin the Seder. 
 Marcia inviting all who are hungry or needy to join our Seder.

 The reading of the Ten Plagues

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  1. Learning to master a manual "Mazel tov!" :)
    No easy task, but it will become second nature. And the Paris, Virginia countryside looks idyllic.