Sunday, April 15, 2012


Scott had a business trip planned for Uppsala, Sweden, April 14-21. I was lucky enough to tag-along. :-)

We had a night flight with British Airways to Heathrow and then a connecting flight to Stockholm this morning. When I got seated on the first leg of the trip, I thought, this looks comfortable, but didn't put two and two together. We then got someone to switch seats with the guy next to me so that we could sit together (Scott had to book the flights separately since it was a business trip and he couldn't get adjacent seating). Scott said to me, "This is business class." Reader, I didn't want to get off this plane. "Don't get used to this," Scott added. "We fly coach on the way back home."

Dinner menu with hearts! Does it get any better than this?

Ahhhh, let me rest my new Uggs!... gift bag!... wet towel prior push-back... and a snack. ♥

Scott's beef with creamed spinach, my pasta and banana cake. 
Call me crazy, but I loved my food!

We had a short layover at Heathrow and I was mesmerized by the amazing shopping at Terminal 5. 

5-10 minutes before we landed in Stockholm.  They had four inches of snow the day before.

Our hotel in Uppsala for the next six nights.


  1. I've flown coach overseas, and I've flown 1st class overseas (back when they called it that). There is a HUGE difference, just like on the Seinfeld episode. One was heaven, and one was hell..and smelly too. :)
    Great photos of the trip.

  2. Lucky you!! I've never flown business class before! Looks the best.
    Nice hotel too.