Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break

My niece Tarissa is on spring break this week. She just has to take 1 class this semester and she'll be able to get her NJ state cosmetology license in July. She spent the night with us on Tuesday. Scott & I took her to one of our favorite Montclair restaurants, Fin. Tarissa is no stranger to seafood, she loves lobster with melted butter.

Newark Broad Street Train Station

Dinner at Fin

Uncle Scott & Tarissa :-)

Our old bed! (We still have to get it to my parents house...)

Wednesday: We had a delicious breakfast at Raymond's and then took the train into the city. Our first adventure was the High Line. Love!

Quick stop at Chelsea Market to get us some brownies. I hadn't been there in years. Great place.

There are a lot of hip places to choose from to eat in Chelsea.
We had an amazing lunch at Cookshop on 10th Avenue, near 20th Street. 

Reader, are you sitting down? Guess who I see walk into the restaurant???!!! I was ready to faint! 
Fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi!!!! 
He sat down with a woman next to the window. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then, the older gentleman seated right next to me, said, "ISAAC!" Then Isaac comes over to that man and they chit-chat. I knew I had to say something otherwise I would regret it later. I apologetically interrupt them and say, "Can I please get a photo of you with my niece Tarissa?" :-)

The fun continues...
 Assorted House-made Treats -- Root beer marshmallows, Fig newton, Lemon-lime bar, Cookshop Cupcake, Spicy almond brittle, Chocolate almond cranberry cookies, Chocolate eclairs

Next up: Champagne Statue of Liberty and Skyline Afternoon Cruise Around Lower Manhattan. That is our boat on the right. We had a few minutes before we set sail, so we checked out Chelsea Piers.

 Brush fire near the Meadowlands in NJ

Time to sail:

Back at Chelsea Piers, we stopped at the dog park:
The sounds coming from them was intense. Crazy......

These little guys are more my speed.


  1. Looks like you guy had an amazing visit!
    And that first pic of the dog park is hilarious!!

  2. I always feel like I'm there on your little excursions with your photos and commentary. I need another trip up to NYC soon...just for those desserts.