Saturday, May 5, 2012

My very belated birthday present

We spent the day with my parents in the country! Our first stop was the Hoff-Vannatta Farmstead Open House in Harmony, New Jersey.
I quickly got intrigued by the Summer Kitchen! (shown here on the left)

Old smokehouse and outhouse.

I want a summer kitchen!

More back in time:

Scott Babe seeing how things work and also wondering when we can leave!

Next stop -- 
Winery in the Poconos. 

The highlight was Sorrenti's baby:
Scott Babe attempting the back-handed pet.

Next stop: The Stone Inn
Yeah, reader, we made it but we quickly ran into trouble when my Dad said it was after the diner. We drove a mile after "the diner". We had the wrong diner and no GPS. Scott quickly put his iPhone to good use. The bridge was out on the main road so we took Scott's "detour" which led us on a back road in back woods that had a non-working bridge and men fishing to feed their families that evening. We got back on track and here is the picture I took immediately exiting the car. Scott is especially happy because he didn't think we'd ever make it to dinner!
My birthday gift (Sept. 20) from my parents was dinner out. That dinner finally happened -- and yes, I did make another wish.

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