Saturday, June 23, 2012

Carriage Ride

After our out-of-this-world lunch at Husk, we went on our carriage ride. It was 90 degrees but at least we had mostly shade on the 1 hour tour. What caught my eye on the ride was the iron work that enclosed the homes, the three level porches and the charm of the city.

St. Philip's Church ahead and Market Hall on the right (four blocks of open-air buildings)

St. Michael's Episcopal Church -
Our guide told us that the red doors symbolize the blood of Christ, which is our entry into salvation.

  The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Homes on Lagare Street:

The famous Sword Gate House at 32 Lagare Street is listed at $23 million -
Built in 1808 and is recognized as a historic site by the Preservation Society of Charleston.

Other homes during our ride:

Another home for sale:
 Complete with a cupola and restored carriage house. Yours for $8,985,000.
(Built in 1780)

Calhoun Mansion

 Circular Congregational Church -- With no corners inside, there's no place for the Devil to hide!

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