Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last Posting on Charleston

After our carriage ride, we checked out the harbor. We quickly stumbled upon Fleet Landing. It looked like a dive from the outside -- I'm so happy we went in! Great atmosphere and great views.

Fleet Landing is in a 1940s retired naval building. Their website says: Encased in a hurricane proof, 6,000 square foot concrete maritime structure, Fleet Landing juts out over the marsh on a reinforced pier and boasts oversized windows that offer an unobstructed view of the Charleston harbor. Built in 1942 by the US Navy as a debarkation point for sailors, the building lay vacant after World War II until it was acquired by the South Carolina Port Authority in the 1960s and used for storage. In 1988, when 21-year-old Tradd Newton pointed out the unique building to his mother and made the prediction “One day, I'm going to put something in that building,” the structure was in disrepair. Fast forward 16 years and Newton, with the guiding vision of Charleston architect Reggie Gibson and Newton's wife/business partner Weesie, is seeing his dream realized.

It was around 4:30 when we got here. Quiet scene.

A few Instagrams: 
This hit the spot!

I don't know why but I got all excited to see this cruise ship! 10 minutes after I took this photo, we saw it leaving the harbor! I ran back out and got more photos and a woman said, "Are you seeing someone off?" I smiled and said, "No! I'm just enjoying these moments."

The accidental picture that I'm going to keep.

After our cool down at Fleet Landing, we checked out East Bay Street including a stop at this cooking store called Maverick Southern Kitchens.

 Local cookbooks at Maverick's. :-)

I could not let us just walk by this!!

Social is in a 19th century warehouse!
 Malbec Sour: Wild Turkey 101-Proof Whiskey, Local Honey, Lemon Juice, Malbec Float --- yum!
Dinner at Fig:
Scott Babe is on corner waiting for me to finish taking my exterior shots!

A waitress' temporary eye-catching tattoo! She said that she attended a wine event the week before.

Escabeche of Carolina White Shrimp with marinated vegetables, fresh herbs. This was probably my favorite dish the whole weekend. 

Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes with celery, smoky Oregon blue dressing

My tasty entree: Strube Ranch Wagyu Bistro Steak with baked heirloom tomato, arugula, salsa verde

This ended up growing on Scott after a shaky first few bites: Chicken and Saucisson à l'ail Ballotine with sweet corn, rapini (whatever the hell that means!)

I knew if we didn't check out the Bar at Husk, I would regret it later... Forbes did a nice blog posting on Charleston and they have a great shot of the Bar at Husk along with Husk restaurant. Click here.

Husk was busy busy busy. We went upstairs for more seating.

We had a great night!

Last day - Sunday:
Our hotel had some fancy shops!

King Street

The Meeting Street Inn (Circa 1874)

Brunch at Poogan's Porch:
Ever since my parents visited Charleston, a few years ago, my father has RAVED about their bread pudding. Of course, we had to try it for ourselves! 
 We sat upstairs.
We chose the fried green tomatoes (out-of-this-world) over the poor little alligator.

Crab Cake Benedict

 Pulled Pork Benedict with grits

(with brown sugar anglaise and caramel)

Flying back home:

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