Saturday, July 7, 2012

An afternoon in Red Bank

Scott Babe had NO interest in accompanying me to Red Bank, NJ to see Theresa Caputo at the Count Basie Theatre. I brought along less of a skeptic, girlfriend Geraldine aka GG. And who is Theresa you are asking? Well, she's also known at The Long Island Medium and has a hit show on TLC. I have been intrigued by her ever since I've been watching the show. She talks to dead people and passes their messages onto loved ones.

I arrived early in Red Bank to get a parking spot, check out the town and have lunch with GG before the show.
 Marine Park

Lunch at Temple (too hot to eat outside)

Anytime you see healthy food on one side of the table and unhealthy food on the other side, the latter is always mine! LOL

3 o'clock - It's show time!

The interior reminded me of our Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, also from the 1920s.

After Theresa's introduction, she spent the next 2 and a half hours in the audience of three thousand people of which 95% were women. Maybe Scott was right to stay home?! A few times, she was just a few feet from GG and me. The readings were fascinating yet draining at the same time. I loved experiencing this in person.
And if you haven't caught Theresa in the new Priceline commercial, check it out here!

After the show, GG and I went to the Dublin House!

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  1. I have spent many an evening at the Dublin house. And they used to have the Upstairs coffee house which I frequented almost daily in high school.