Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Frying Pan

My girlfriend, Katie, knows some special places to enjoy a cocktail in the city. She organized drinks at The Frying Pan the day before July 4th because most of us got to leave work early. I only had my iPhone with me to catch these Kodak moments, but I think I did alright. This was my first time here. The Frying Pan is on a boat!!! I loved it! Please keep in mind that it was 90-something degrees! (I think I should start to carry sunblock in my purse!)

The Frying Pan is located on 26th Street at Pier 66 along the Hudson River.


Views from our table at the tip of the boat:

I loved Katie's nautical themed outfit! Pictured above: Katie with Miranda; David; me and Jemal

June 26th -- I organized a happy hour at The Tippler. Thanks to Katie once again -- if she hadn't celebrated her 30th birthday here back in March, I wouldn't have known about this cool venue. 
The Tippler is a hidden gem below Chelsea Market

David & Tarissa traveled all the way from northwest Jersey to party!

Colleen & Olga; Jemal & Merrideth

Lauren & Matt; Darbe

Top row: Marie, Heidi, Rachel 
Bottom row: Kristina, Russell and Deana

Cheers to a fun evening!


  1. On a hot day it's hard to beat beer on a boat..with best buddies.

  2. I love that it's on a boat- how cool !

    Happy hour looked like a blast - I love your outift