Monday, July 30, 2012

Restaurant Week

It’s restaurant week in New York City and my girlfriend Kristina organized a dinner at Charlie Palmer’s Aureole. I had only been there once for lunch and was looking forward to this posh dinner at a discount with friends. I walked one mile from my office near 10th avenue (Reader, I think I still have to share with you all the details!) to Time Square.

9th avenue near 35th Street

Market Cafe on 9th avenue, near 38th Street
I got such nice responses from friends when I Instagramed this image! Mrs. Robinson even complimented me and said it was her favorite photo of mine to date. "Very Stephen Shore like." What I like about social media is that it opens your eyes to other things and opinions that you may not have realized before. I enjoyed exploring Shore's work.

 42nd Street and Broadway

My destination!

Kristina's chicken - gorgeous plating, huh? 
My three delicious courses: Cavatelli Pasta with Rock Shrimp, English Peas, Chili Flakes; Skate with Fregola, Summer corn, Tomato, Basil & for dessert: Hazelnut Chocolate Cake with Sour Cherry Sorbet

My old Conde Nast colleagues: Matthew, Natalie (now at HBO) and Kristina

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  1. Tricia what a great idea to put your instagrams on your blog!! I absolutely love the market cafe's a classic!!