Thursday, August 2, 2012

New York, New York

The first day of August was dreary because of the non-stop rain. I had plans lined up for rooftop drinks for weeks. Bad timing, but Tavern 29 did have 2 other floors of dry drinking space! Wendy joined me along with Scott (not Scott Babe) and his friends Neil and Judith. I had an immediate fascination with Judith. She was adorable and was wearing these long dangling earings that every girl should own! I learned quickly that she's a jewelery designer. Click here. Very impressive.

When Wendy & I left the bar at 8 o'clock, the dismal skies had turned into a inspiring sunset.
Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Avenue at 29th Street. (built in the 1850s of blocks of white marble)

Which one do you prefer?
August 2nd:
I miss working with my friend Matt and shot him a last minute email to see what he was doing for lunch. He had plans to eat lunch in Bryant Park and invited me to join. I loved the spontaneity and treated myself to a cab ride over. "Broadway in Bryant Park's" free concert series was happening as I was there! I love this 13 second video I was able to capture. Please turn up your sound!
Cary Hoffman from "My Sinatra"

Lunch with Matt, Karen and Kristina

Broadway near 40th - "Broadway Green" exhibit

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  1. Cute- I like the color splash photo #2 ! Great video