Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Club Med Les Boucaniers posting, I promise!

The Shows!

I love to sit in the front row of the evening shows.
But maybe not anymore!!! Towards the end of the Tuesday night show, a G.O. came right up to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me on stage to dance!!! First of all, I don't dance. Second of all, I don't dance in front of an audience. OMG! Scott Babe caught the Kodak moments:

Looks like Scott Babe was nervous for me with his fuzzy pic. hehe
(On a side note, the dress code was all white)

The embarrassment continued when the G.O. was taking me off stage and foot got stuck in the curtain! Crazy!

Before Friday night's show began, they did a slideshow of photos taken by the Club Med photographers. I was included!!!

G.O.s promoting the evening's show before dinner.

The Food!
Overall, I thought the food was good. What I was impressed with was the DESSERTS! O M G! They were so good that I didn't hold back. I made a dessert plate for lunch and for dinner.

This was yummy. I don't recall if it was crab or fish with the corn.

Shrimp on fire!

We really enjoyed the rosé.

Grilled crayfish

Caesar salad

YAY! -- Some English! 

I don't know what this is called but it was tasty. Inside were veggies and an egg.

Coconut Chicken
I knew what "poulet" was because of my girlfriend Geraldine. She taught me the word when I called her, "Chickie."  I had no idea what "coco" meant when I took this picture.

Tuna salad

Fresh fruit


The G.O. told me that he gives the crabs whatever extra pineapple is leftover after passing it out the beach.

We would crab watch as we ate lunch along the water.

While taking a half dozen pictures of these nasty looking critters, a French woman stopped to smile. She assumed I was taking pictures of flowers. We had a communication problem. She knew two languages but sadly for me, her second language was Spanish. When I pointed to these UGLY caterpillars  the woman shrieked and looked disgusted. I said "oui" and smiled. That's exactly what I was trying to say! :-)

That Plant!
I couldn't get enough of this plant! "How many more pictures of it do you need?" Scott said. I believe it's an Acai berry palm tree.

Steve, the bartender!

We had language problems everywhere -- including the bar. This includes ordering a diet coke with a lot of ice. Steve, a local, worked most evenings at the bar. He was refreshing because he spoke fluent English and he had a passion for mixing cocktails. On our last night, I thanked Steve for making it easier for us when ordering drinks! He appreciated hearing those words from me. Steve then made us something extraordinary and I caught it on video. It was the best drink we've ever had on vacation.

The Sunsets!



I originally wanted to have our massages on Thursday, for my birthday. When the woman said it's cheaper tomorrow (Monday), I couldn't resist the good deal!

Self portrait
Before and after bocce ball drinks

It was this building (higher rate rooms) that sold me on the vacation when booking the trip. I stumbled upon a blog that includes a very cool picture of it from this couple's honeymoon in 1970. At the time, it was a cafe. Click here. (The blogger's writing is very entertaining to boot!)

I hope that smoke is just from somebody grilling their lunch!

And another self portrait

I felt like we had the beach to ourselves! Thank you, low season!

The end!

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