Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20th - My 40th Birthday

I loved spending my actual birthday in paradise! It would have been better if I wasn't sick but that's life.

I had the ideal birthday morning --- floating in this gorgeous water! 

As the G.O.s were coming by with fresh fruit, they stopped to sing Happy Birthday to me.

G.O.s promoting the water-skiing

Self portrait - Sophia and me :-)

There was a mix up with Cyndy & Jon's generous bottle of birthday champagne for me. Reception delivered it with a note saying it was from Samuel, the Chief of the Village and the staff! (The bottle from him then came the following day.) In any case, a HUGE thank you to Cyndy and Jon.

The dress theme tonight was Club Med's signature 45 t-shirt. The club celebrated their 45th anniversary in 1995. (When the 50th anniversary rolled around in 2000, Club Med naturally made shirts with 50 on them. For some reason, these shirts didn’t sell very well in the Boutique shops in each village, and people kept asking for the 45 shirts.)

Sophia was sweet! -- She gave me a birthday present!!!

More pirate fun!

We were seated outside for dinner but only for a short period of time. Scott became overheated because he was getting sick, too. :-(


Rum shots!

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