Saturday, September 1, 2012

Social Butterfly

I can't believe the summer is coming to a close. More fun to come in the fall, I'm sure.  Here are some of my highlights:

July 18th - Lunch with Merr and Jemal
I never knew about Zen Palate until my new colleagues introduced it to me. We had it for take-out one day. Delish! I invited Merrideth and Jemal to join me at one of their locations.

July 19th - Shake Shack in Times Square with Sam
What's not to love? :-)

July 24th - Danise and Stanford in town from San Francisco
This was a delightful lunch with one of my longest married couple friends -- 52 years!

Yum! Spit Roasted Rosenkrans Beef - Charred red onions, horseradish creme fraiche, toasted rye bread, cheddar cheese, Russet potato chips

July 29th - Michele home (Long Island) from Chicago
We brought along some "Bitch Bubbly" for Michele. hehe

 Pool fun with the pooches 

August 5th - BBQ at my parents house

My self portrait

I believe my Dad was a tad jealous that Scott Babe cooked ribs at Colleen & Olga's on the 4th of July, so he invited us over to do a repeat of tastiness! It was a delish excuse to be in the country side and visit my family.

surprise bunny visit!

Frame with Friends
Christina, Deana, Matt & Kristina

This gem of a deli is just a few steps from my office. I haven't let anyone down yet. Who would have thought that a hot and cold buffet can taste like home cooking? I had lunch with Sam the other day and she said she would have taken a second piece of fish if she had known it was going to taste that fresh. 

I also took my girlfriend Jess from SF to my hot spot. We then walked a little bit of the highline nearby:

August 8th -Dinner party with Mr. & Mrs. Robinson
We had Mr. & Mrs. Robinson over for a steak dinner and the game Balderdash. I also gave her a bottle of that Bitch Bubbly.

August 9th - Jeff's birthday at Caliente Cab
 I couldn't walk by this beauty and not take a photo -- even in the rain!

 This was an intimate birthday because it was just me and Jeff's close friend Danielle. (Jeff's husband Scott had to work and other friends were out of town.)
My sizzlin' video :-)

August 11th - Raymond's and shopping with Stacy and her girls



Urban Outfitters:
Stacy, Bianca and Emma

Hip Chic:

August 14th - Lower East Side with Yvette and Steph
Our original plan was an Austrian bar called Cafe Katja but they are still renovating. :-( We walked across the street and had a great night at Casa Mexcal.

Yvette & Steph (I work with Yvette; we both have a friendship with Steph)

I highly recommend this place for their margaritas and steak tacos!

August 26th - Brunch with Alex Scott Babe
Alex made the trip from Astoria, Queens to Montclair.

There was a bit of a wait...


I think he liked it :-)

leonberger = big pooch

 August 28th - Arturo's in Maplewood with Chrissy & Ridley

Ridley and Chrissy crossing the street. hehe


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