Friday, October 19, 2012

Celebrity Sightings

NY fashion week spring 2013 - Rag & Bone collection
On September 7th, I was walking to Penn Station to catch the train home. I only had a few minutes to check out the fashion show scene being held at the Post Office. I said to myself, "I'll take pictures of whoever gets out of this car pulling up." I had my camera steady and then once I saw who was coming out, I was ready to pee my pants!

O M G! Not Anna Wintour!!!! LOL I couldn't believe my luck. 

Anna and her daughter Bee Shaffer

September 14th, 5:30 pm - Fashion designer Betsey Johnson at Penn Station!

And more recently, on October 19th, my colleagues Marcia, Cathy and I ran into CeeLo Green in our lobby! I said to Cathy, "Who is this again??" Oops. (I knew of his songs but didn't know who sang them!) He was on his way up for an interview and photo shoot. Click here!

Marcia & CeeLo Green.

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  1. This is great- even if I don't know who any of these celebrities are :p
    I'm out of touch

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