Friday, October 26, 2012

Meet Charlie and Ginger!

Scott and I used PAWS Montclair in search of our new furry additions to our family.

On October 17th, Scott and I drove 20 minutes to Maplewood to pick up brother and sister,  "Charley and Harley", 8-week-old kittens. They had been with their foster family for just 1 week. Their story is touching. The foster Mommy wrote in her blog, "Welcome to Maplewood, little ones. 4 healthy and beautiful kittens were rescued from being euthanized last week at the eleventh hour. Thanks to the Pilots 'N Paws Rescue Program, they were flown from NC to NJ for a second chance at life."

We slightly renamed them, the evening we brought them home.

Pictures from their first night with us:

8:15 pm -- JUST HOME! We quickly learn that Charlie is more outgoing than Ginger.

I've never seen so much energy in my life. Charlie about to pounce on Ginger.

First video we took of them!



Charlie in the bag!

10:45 pm -- FINALLY...they are tired!!! 
Charlie is pictured above and Ginger was lying on the shelf in the coffee table! 
15 minutes later:
I end up with both!

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