Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I threw my own belated 40th birthday party, and shortly before my guests arrived, Scott Babe says to me, "Wow. You really know how to throw a party. I should have had you do this for me." 

Scott said to me 1 1/2 years ago, when he was turning 40, that he wanted "No fuss -- No party". We celebrated by taking a trip to Club Med Bahamas, just the two of us. Which was very nice.

Perhaps I will give Scott a surprise b'day party for his 42nd!

I had family and friends over on October 13th. My Dad said it was the best party I had ever hosted. I would have to agree.

Photos taken by me, Scott, David, Marcia, Lauren and Lindsay:
I ordered my very special cake from Pink Cake Box in Denville, NJ. I love Prosecco and ordered a bubbly theme!

I took so many pictures of it. I couldn't get enough of it!

The bottle and ice cubes made of sugar!

The bucket was made of styrofoam.

Getting ready!
 I should have kept wearing my camera because, at one point, it got in Scott Babe's way and he hid it in a kitchen cabinet!

We ate well!
 I had the party catered by CulinAriane.
 Shown above is oven roasted tomato bruschetta and bacon wrapped dates. We also had Empanadas; Tequila shrimp with avocado cream; Kalamata black olive, sun-dried tomato and goat cheese in phyllo cup; Jumbo lump crab cakes, grain mustard sauce; Mushroom, Finlandia Swiss cheese tartlet drizzled with truffle oil; Miniature reuben sandwiches.

Jeff, Marie, Mariah, Lauren

It meant so much to me that so many friends and family members were able to celebrate with me. Especially my in-laws, Marcia & Jim, pictured above.

My rum punch was a hit! But I see that my ice ring would have been prettier if I did the first layer with the fresh thyme instead of the peaches! Oh well! One more tidbit, I ran into friend Linda in Upper Montclair as I was on the hunt for peach liquor! :-)

My niece Tarissa, brother David, sister-in-law Renee;
 My mom, Michele, and my second cousin Mickey (engaged)

Me with Luly and Lindsay

I had over 200 Kodak moments shown on our TV! My cousin Christi couldn't make it so this shot that David took meant a lot because it's of me in my overalls (after party of Christi's wedding!!) being held up by Christi and her husband Darvin. hehe

Mariah, Matt, me and Lauren

Mike, Michele

"The Lady in Red" as my girlfriend Lisa in Cincinnati says of Mom! :-) 


Ridley, Scott; Scott Babe, Darbe 

Stacy and me; Heidi and Marie

My Dad and Father-In-Law, Jim

Chrissy, Mike; Heidi, Jeff

Mariah, Lauren & Matt (the sign taped to our cabinet gave our guests a heads up that they could choose songs from their iPhones from Scott's iTunes playlist!)

Marie, Heidi, Lindsay; Frank & Yvette

Luis, Cathy, Marcia, Eva, Stefan

Mike and Rachel

Stephanie and her 9 1/2 year-old-daughter, Tara

Scott Babe, Chrissy

Luis, Cathy and Marcia

Mr. & Mrs. Robinson, Kelly; Michele, Matt, Mariah, Lauren, Lisa

Tarissa, Stacy, Mike, Rachel, Chrissy, Scott, Ridley, Jeff

Cake time!
I'm taking a few shots before blowing out the candles!

Stefan, Eva, Yvette, Frank, Scott Babe, Kelly, Tarissa, David

Lisa, Michele, Mariah, Matt, Rachel

Lauren's fantastic instagram!

I made a wish!

Let's slice this open!

Lucky for me, Michele graduated from pastry school! ♥ 
She knew how to take this piece of art apart and slice! The cake was pink velvet with chocolate butter cream filling. 

Thanks to Mickey & Michele, we also had Georgetown cupcakes!


Chrissy, Kelly; Mike, Michele

Happy 40th to me! THE END!


  1. I've been waiting for this post! LOVE your photos- awesome. You're an amazing hostess!! Happy birthday again <3 love you