Sunday, November 4, 2012

Safe and sound & lucky

Scott Babe and I were very fortunate during Hurricane Sandy.

We never lost power. For the first time in my life, I felt guilty telling friends and family that we had power. 80% of Montclair lost power. I am blessed.

The images and footage on the news and internet broke my heart.  My heart goes out to everyone who had to (and still is) endure this hardship and suffering. Big hug to Colleen & Kelly's parents who had a home on Osborn Island in Point Pleasant. And to Geraldine, who lives in Leonardo and is still without electric and heat. She's just a short walk from the beach.

Anyone in need of anything, please let me know.

I took one photo of Sandy the night of the 29th:
We had monster winds and I thought a window or two would simply shatter from the gusts.

I wish I was as calm as our babies. My nerves were shot.
4:12 pm

5:55 pm

7:35 pm

8:11 pm - Ginger on my lap

The next morning, after the storm:
Charlie on my lap

Daddy time

We enjoyed dessert at Raymond's after dinner:
Turtle Sundae with cherry ice cream. (they were out of vanilla)

My hot cocoa with giant marshmallow

Back to work on Thursday, Nov. 1st:
Our Montclair bus line was up and running; trains still suspended. It's an easy walk for me from Port Authority to Associated Press's office on 33rd near 10th Avenue. 

Pig & Prince for dinner for the first time:
 Scott Babe's Instagram
Strangely enough, I just learned about this restaurant this week and it's been open for 2 months. It's a 10 minute walk for us. On Facebook, they announced free iPhone charging for those without electric.
Service was slower than molasses but food delicious! We would go back and did last night for a late afternoon cocktail and snack at the bar. I can see this place being our "go-to" spot in the cold months ahead.

The restaurant is a well thought out renovation of the long neglected Lackawanna Railroad Station. (Station opened in 1913 and closed in 1981). At the bar, we rested our feet on an actual rail from the station.

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  1. Glad you didn't lose power! I love your babies. Can't wait to meet them soon!