Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Yorker cartoonist Victoria Roberts

Ever since I licensed Victoria Roberts' New Yorker cartoons at Conde Nast, I became fan of her work. Surprisingly,  I only met her once when we interviewed her almost 2 years ago for the Cartoon Bank newsletter. Now that I'm working at the Associated Press (and loving it so far!), I do sorely miss the cartoonists. When I learned that Victoria was having a book-signing on her first novel, "After the Fall," I immediately marked the calendar.  The novel illustrates Victoria's one-of-a-kind whimsical drawings with the tale of an Upper East Side family forced to leave their penthouse and live in Central Park.

Tuesday, Nov. 27th - Barnes & Noble on 86th St:

My girlfriend Eva and her fiancé Stefan joined me. They are now huge fans of Victoria as well!

My video of Victoria's introduction. She's one fascinating woman who grew up in Mexico City and Sydney.

Shown here is an old pic of Victoria's mom holding a gun! 

The energy in the room was high. I loved being there. I was so touched when Victoria's brother spoke of his sister! He read from a letter that she wrote to him at age 19 saying that she wanted to be move to NYC and become a cartoonist for the New Yorker!!!

New Yorker cartoonist Sam Gross, Deana, me and Eva

She finished it by adding hearts around our names! A few days later, we became Facebook friends.

Tuesday, Dec. 4th - The Strand Bookstore in Union Square:
“New Yorker Cartoonists Victoria Roberts & Arnie Levin in Conversation” 

I had SO MUCH fun the week before that I HAD to see Victoria one more time!!! When you have a moment, check out her website.

New Yorker cartoonists Sam Gross, Mort Gerberg and Barbara Smaller sat behind me.

Arnie and Victoria -- so much fun!

My video of Arnie and Victoria

I must share with you that when I saw this cartoon by Arnie, it reminded me of Scott Babe. hehe

OMG! Victoria is going to make Charlie and Ginger FAMOUS!! 
Charlie relaxing on our bed; Ginger snug in her bed, under our bed!

On Thursday at work, I was missing the kittens and asked Scott to send me pics of them to see what they were up to that moment. He texted me two and I used an app on my iPhone to make them 1 image and posted it on Facebook. Shown above.  Later that afternoon, Victoria messaged me on FB:

I just saw your pics of beautiful cats. I'm assuming they are your cats at home and that you are away.
I'm looking for pics of cats to do cartoon portraits, May I draw your cats? I will send you the drawing. I draw pugs and have just set up a store on my site for pug cartoon portraits and would like to add cats-but don't have a cat so looking at fun cats to draw.
all best,

Isn't that wild? I'm so excited! 

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