Monday, January 21, 2013

Charlie and Ginger's Meet & Greet Cocktail Party

Our adoption of Charlie and Ginger gave us a fun excuse to throw a party! On Saturday, January 5th, we did just that. I asked guests to wear leopard, and most did! Charlie was such a ham during the party while Ginger stayed under our bed for most of the time.

It was very difficult to get a pre-party portrait with the kittens! Here I'm holding Charlie baby.

Drink list on our fridge!

Inspired by Martha Stewart, I had our local bakery create these sugar cookie masterpieces! (I just had to supply the cookie cutter which wasn't very easy!)

Shots of Charlie taken by my brother, David.

Top Row: Jenny, Kamie, Elisa, Marie. Bottom Row: Sam holding Charlie, Cheryl, Heidi, my Mom, cousin Rich

Charlie giving Tarissa a kiss!

Charlie playing with Tarissa's dress!

Gift from Marie!

Charlie and his new mouse. Photo taken by Marie. ♥

Animal print memo taken seriously!
With Michele, Jenny and Heather

Tarissa missed out on the stuffed mushrooms my mom served on Christmas Eve (Julia Child recipe), so I made sure I made them for this party. So good! Next time, I'll double the recipe.

The cocktail sauce was a huge hit. It's a Bobby Flay recipe and worth the effort! Another hit were these bite size mac & cheeses. Click here for recipe. It's hard to tell from the photo I used cat-shaped pasta! ♥

Soppressata Bundles with Radicchio and Goat Cheese from the November issue of Food & Wine.

Mr. & Mrs. Robinson, Scott Babe, Cheryl and Heidi

Mrs. Robinson & Charlie

Charlie enjoying all of this attention!

Tarissa and me

A few awesome photos taken by Sean.

The proud parents!

Cathy and her boyfriend Luis, David, Tarissa, Diane and my mom. (My Dad couldn't make it; he was taking care of Aunt Suzie)

Heidi holding sleepy Charlie baby. One of my many favorite pics of the evening! (taken by Marie)

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