Sunday, March 24, 2013

Charlie's 15 Minutes of Fame

It's been way too long since my last post. I've been busy relaxing & playing with the kittens and trying to document their every move! LOL. They have given us so much love and fun. I created a Facebook account and an Instagram (charlieandginger) account devoted just to them! Feel free to follow them ♥

I have been using hashtags on my pictures to get the word out of their cuteness. If you aren't familiar with this lingo, all it means is if I include #cat with the photo, anybody on Instagram who wants to look at images tagged with "cat", my pic will be among the thousands that pop up.

Last Saturday morning, I posted the picture below. I post many pics of Charlie in his jungle gym but this one caught the eye of the editors of Cats of Instagram. They requested permission from me to feature the picture in the next coming days. I was so honored and happy to learn that there was a good chance of being on this coveted Instagram account. They have over 600,000 followers and showcase about two kitties a day.

On Monday, at 6:08 pm,when I was commuting home, and saw the posting from Cats of Instagram in my Instagram feed and was in shock! It was really happening! In under minute of it's posting, it had received 232 likes!

And in just 1 hour, Charlie had received over 30,000 likes! (I took SO MANY screenshots of my iPhone!)
At the time of me writing this blog posting, it's at 61,977 likes. :-)

Here are more cute pics from March. Enjoy!!!

The new tunnel is a hit!

Ginger baby

Charlie baby

Ginger and Daddy

 Charlie doesn't want to wait for the kitchen floor to dry after mopping!

Bird watching

Charlie enjoying the exercise equipment mat over the cat bed a few inches from him.

Too many carbs

Ginger baby

Charlie baby

Do you like my pajamas?! 


Let's find some food!

 Why lie on one bed when you can lie on two?!

Sleepy Ginger

Charlie baby and his mouse from Marie!

 Charlie baby loves grabbing my towel off the rack and taking a snooze! 

Feb. 25th - Scott Babe caught Charlie baby in the act!


  1. those are some great pictures!


  2. You guys know how to capture them so well! The kitties are beautiful <3