Monday, May 6, 2013


Scott Babe and I took a much needed vacation last month to Club Med Turkoise in Turks & Caicos. Yes! -- We have been there before. We knew we needed 100% relaxation and why not go to where it's a sure thing?! After all, it's all-inclusive -- including drinks! I opened up the invite to friends because Club Med has so many activities for everyone. My girlfriend Heidi booked as well during our week. :-)

Just minutes before landing! Look at that water! Love! 

The flight was direct from Newark. Just under 4 hours. This is G.O.* Diesel greeting us at the Providenciales (Provo) airport. The resort is just 15 or 20 minutes from the airport.
*G.O. = Gentil Organisateur (Club Med host/hostess)

Upon arrival at Club Med, we were greeted by a few G.O.s and quickly got our wristband on. Let the vacation begin!

I loved the location of our room. (I had requested at the time of booking that we be close to the pool.).  Not only were we close to the pool, but we were across from the sailing and just steps from Sharkies. 

Sunset on our first evening

 And video!

Each night had a dress code. All white was our first night.

One of my favorite things about Club Med is the shows! It was the circus show our first night and I love everything cirque-du-soleil-like. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep my eyes open and went to bed. Scott said that it ended up being the BEST show he's ever seen them do out of his 5 other Club Med vacations. That didn't make me feel good! LOL.

Below are more of our highlights. Enjoy!
6:28 am -- I would have caught the sunrise sooner but I was waiting for it on the wrong side. hehe

6:55 am -- Island cutie enjoying a lounge at the pool. ♥

It's not just the turquoise water that Scott loves; it's also the soft serve ice cream! He is very happy in this pic because the machine had just gotten fixed! (It was out-of-order on our first day)

Coconut rum + any kind of juice is delicious!

Yoga on the dock.
 I may have made this pic look like Scott was being LAZY. For the record, I took this after our session! 

We only swam in the ocean. I'm happy to see that the birdies liked the pool!

Beginners tennis lesson with Heidi!

We came in 2nd place at the TV theme song game.
 Scott babe impressed all by knowing The Streets of San Francisco.

Self portrait with the help of an app.

I am allergic to yeast but I couldn't turn down the dark chocolate bread or the white chocolate bread at all three meals!!!

Every morning, I would get a copy of the activities for the day.

The boutique would always promote the daily dress code.
What's up with these t-shirts, you ask? It's Club Med's signature 45 t-shirt. The club celebrated their 45th anniversary in 1995. When the 50th anniversary rolled around in 2000, Club Med naturally made shirts with 50 on them. For some reason, these shirts didn't sell very well in the boutique shops in each village, and people kept asking for the 45 shirts.

There's no vegetation on the island. Fresh mint gets delivered to the resort after 5 o'clock. 
The mojitos were spot on.

Fashion Show

The Club Med photographer shot these two. ♥

One evening, we were all given different numbers to wear. If you were too shy to talk to someone, you could leave them a message on the board! ♥

Aqua gym

Beach party

We ate at Lucayan restaurant one evening. This was a nice change from the buffet restaurant, Grace Bay. You just had to make a reservation the day before. (This was part of our all-inclusive package)

Sunset with Scott Babe

Tennis courts  

The Club Med photographer, Samuel, took this.

Our only "extra" was the couples massage in the palapa! LOVED IT.

Island baby

Scott Babe and a G.O.

Australian Chief-of-the-Village, Mike, Heidi and G.O.
(I never knew that Club Med hired non-French Chiefs of the village! I sorta miss the French flair.)

Sharkie's menu (if the restaurants were closed you could always get a snack here)

Watching a 50-something year old G.M.* practice on the trapeze. Impressive!
*G.M. = Gentils Membres (Gracious Guests/Members)

Juggling lessons!

Sports Awards! Heidi and I got medals for tennis!

Cantaloupe sculpture artist G.O. and Heidi!

Scott Babe sailing back to shore. Have your sound turned on!
(let me know if this link doesn't work!)

Special shout out to Mrs. Robinson who took such wonderful care of Charlie and Ginger while we were gone. ♥


  1. LOVELY vacation and pictures!! It looked so good!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I feel like I was there after those awesome snaps and captions. Thanks for posting them!


  3. HOW have I not commented on this yet??
    I love that you two had a great time. And I love you kitty babies :)
    Great photos- thanks for sharing!!