Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Present

On Sunday morning, my niece Tarissa came over to spend the day with me in New York City. But first, she wanted me to open her card and gift.

Charlie was being soooooooooooooo cute that I also shot an Instagram video for Charlie and Ginger's account with the caption: Opening my birthday gift from my niece before we head out for a day in NYC.

Tarissa was clear that the card was for my birthday and to open it first. The present was something else. I wasn't sure what she was saying and it was 5 after 8 in the morning and I kept thinking BIRTHDAY PRESENT! 

I took the lid off the box and pull out a pink nail polish, a pink manicure set, face mask, light-up ring, chocolates and Brides Maids DVD. I was confused up until I read the bottom of the box:

I was speechless. I was touched. I said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a way to start our Sunday!!!! SO EXCITING!

On the subway headed downtown!

Our NYC adventure began at Lafayette in NOHO neighborhood.
I had only been there for their dinner after the recommendation of my girlfriend Eva. Their brunch rocks, too. I also bought a pound of coffee.♥

Smoked Salmon Benedict
Lemon Pancakes


Shopping in SOHO!
A stop at Vosges. They are now offering soft serve ice cream with their just made waffle cones. I watched them make the cones! LOVED!!! Tarissa enjoyed her hot cocoa. We also received two free truffles!

We ended up in Chelsea in the afternoon and made a stop at the famous bridal shop, Kleinfeld. The hit TLC show, Say Yes to the Dress is filmed here!

Lunch at Republic in Union Square. Tarissa had never had Thai food before! Tarissa's shot of her Pad Thai! She loaded it up with hot sauce. Uncle Scott Babe would have been proud! :-)

Cab ride to Penn Station - Selfie taken by Tarissa!

Later that evening, I printed out my duties as Matron of Honor. Guess who liked taking a bite out of it?! ♥


  1. Such a sweet way to ask you! BTW, my best friend Joanne's husband works at Lafayette. I'm so glad you liked it!