Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My first trip to Texas Sept. 28-Oct. 1

My in-laws made the big move from Virginia to Texas late this summer. They are New Yorkers but have also lived in Connecticut, Tennessee, Iowa, California and New Mexico. I wonder if Texas will be their favorite.♥

We flew to Dallas and then drove 30 minutes north to Fairview. Before we even got to my in-laws' home, I had my father-in-law, Jim, pull over so I could get this photo. Is this when my allergies kicked in?! How could I forget that, a year ago, my allergist said I was allergic to grass, trees, ragweed, and weeds. (Insert sneeze here.)
This was the start of my sore throat, runny nose, and overall congestion. It didn't clear up until around October 19th, as I'm writing this posting. I made the best of the trip and tried to pretend I wasn't under the weather.

This was a family visit. Next time, we'll check out JFK's Sixth Floor Museum and Nieman-Marcus's flagship store in Dallas. Of course, one-day, I'd love to visit Austin & San Antonio.

My in-laws' home is in a new development. They were after a one-level and scored with this one. I really enjoyed it. Also, I felt very safe in their neighborhood. 

I especially loved the outdoor fireplace. Who cares that it was 85 degrees? 

Best meal in Texas - Chicken on the grill with family and friends.
My in-laws' longtime dear friends, Zelda and Don, were visiting from Springfield, Missouri. Zelda got this shot of all us. Too bad we didn't get one of her.

Neighbor's kids were very cute! Emily riding Buck.

I took this from the backyard! Gorgeous!

This chain was on my to-eat list but, unfortunately, this particular location in Richardson, needed some BBQ lessons from its forefathers.

Animal Style®: burger of your choice (I got cheeseburger!) with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, a mustard-cooked beef patty; add pickle, extra spread with grilled onions
Scott Babe & I are huge fans of In-N-Out Burger, so when I saw there was one just 2 minutes from my in-laws and that Marcia doesn't care for the place, I had to sneak in a visit! We ended up going before we checked out the outlet shopping. hehe. "Appetizer!" I said to Scott with this surprise stop.

We drove 20 minutes northwest to McKinney to have pizza. I read about this place on a blog when Marcia & Jim were considering McKinney as a town to move to. It was good.

My favorite meal out (aside from In-N-Out) was at Kelly's. I loved my BBQ plate with a side of Green Chile Grits.

The Village at Fairview:

I got a sense of community and warmth when Marcia and I checked out The Village a couple of minutes from their home.
Oct. 1st:
Next stop: Cancun!


  1. PS!!! I forgot to say how nice the Texans were!!! LOVED their friendliness.

  2. Tupperware containers on the table made me feel like home!
    Barbara Merrill

  3. Love this posting :) what a great place to live! Bring the Clartitin next time!!