Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Third time in Mexico! Club Med Cancun October 1-8


I was lucky enough to visit Mexico for the first time back in 2001 with my parents. They rented a villa near Tulum and we checked out many of the ruins. Lots of fun!


2005: Rainy day at the resort!
My second time to Mexico was with Scott Babe, in June of 2005. We vacationed at  Club Med Cancun -- a then adults-only resort with a foam party to boot. This was my 2nd Club Med experience and his first. When we went in 2005, it was a few months shy of when hurricane Wilma devastated the village.

Ever since the multi-million dollar renovations, I've been curious about the resort even though it became a family resort.

Almost there!

Our room:

When booking our trip, I requested that we be close to the pool (the center of things). We got that -- PLUS  we were just steps from the beach. Our balcony faced the lagoon instead of the ocean which saved some money on the price. Overall, we got a great deal because it was low season.
 LOVED our room.

The resort:

The ocean was sooooooooo nice. 

View from the lobby

Lobby art!

Mariachi band :)

Both pics above: Sulana - Main bar 

I'm happy to say that the iguanas were friendly. FYI - no issues with bugs or mosquitoes. I will admit that I was bummed that we saw no resort kitties.

View from the main bar

The arrow is pointing to our room! -- I took this pic by the Trapeze area.

View from our building :)


Activities/daily life:
Tequila shot before dinner

I had a blast watching the water skiing.

Couples massage was the only thing we spent extra on. Inspired by our friends, Cyndy & Jon to live life to it's fullest and to get a massage early in the trip! :)

Pre-massage selfie

We enjoyed hot tea and the sunset after the massage.

Aqua Gym

Aqua Gym video


Scott Babe singing "Just The Two Of Us"

Beer chugging one night! Scott Babe participated! He was beat out by a guy from Mexico City. G.O. Josh (in charge of the daily activities) in the background. He was born and raised in Israel and then moved to Montreal. Very interesting guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he's Chief-of-the-Village at a Club Med down the road.

Selfie on 45 night

Accidental pic that I'll keep ♥ 

Mojito in hand

Selfie during Brazil night :)

Eating and drinking:

Iced coffee

I loved the touch of the dark chocolate! I had at least one cappuccino a day.♥

  Pina colada and Malibu Bay Breeze 

La Hacienda, the main restaurant, had 5 different sections including a mini-club room (not pictured)

Great views from the restaurant because it was on the 2nd floor.

No soft-serve, but they did have gelato.

Club Med isn't Club Med without their white chocolate and dark chocolate bread!

Creative, edible food sculptures at the main restaurant.



We don't do Club Med vacations for the food, but I must say we were pleasantly surprised by the quality at this resort. We ate very well! I especially liked trying the different sauces for my tacos and other Mexican/Tex-mex dishes. Above are a few of our favorite dishes.


Belated Birthdays!
Our trip overlapped with Heidi's for a few days. Her birthday was Sept. 14; mine Sept. 20th. Why not continue the celebration into the first week of October?!

Heidi proudly displaying her tennis medal!
The shows:

I love the nightly shows!
Michael Jackson!
Michael Jackson video!

 Brazil show!

The Blues Brothers!

Our favorite act during vacation.


Green flag = good day to sail!

Scott Babe thought the sailing was a little too constrained. But he enjoyed the G.O. from Connecticut giving him a few pointers. 

Scott Babe on his way to the horizon.

Las Cazuelas restaurant next to sailing

What to do when it rains:
I competed in the 11 am Texas Hold 'em Poker tournement and won!!!

Video of the downpour

Pelican Study ♥

Mini Ping Pong
The beach:

Green flag = perfect day to float!

Scott Babe borrowed my tube! ♥ 

I can get used to this!

G.O.s dressed for that evening's theme while giving out fruit skewers.

 All good things must come to an end

Back home...Look who missed his Daddy:


  1. This is a great post Tricia! Loved the comparisons and the photos really took me there. The pelican study was so cool and you guys looked adorable!!

  2. this is a huge post! Awesome timeline, I loved the throwback photos!! it looks so beautiful there <3 <3 I like that you made it a tradition to go

  3. So cool! Thanks for sharing... wow what a wonderful job you did :).

    I want to go there now!


  4. Heavenly pictures! The sunrises and sets, the selfies, the food, the cappuccino, the pelicans, the tube ;-) ... what a place.
    I adore the photos with mom and dad!!
    And not to forget Young Scott ;-)