Sunday, February 9, 2014

Romantic Getaway to NYC!

Scott Babe and I had a much needed getaway on Saturday, January 25th. Friends asked, "What occasion?" No occasion! We should do this more often!

My pic of The Standard from Sunday when we had blue skies!

I chose The Standard at The Highline, in the meatpacking district.  It was a crisp 10 or 20 degrees outside, so everything we did was within a three-block radius. Check-in wasn't until 3 pm, but I didn't want to lose the day. We got to the hotel at 10 am and asked if our suitcase could be held until check-in time. The receptionist checked her laptop and said, "You room is actually ready now." MUSIC TO OUR EARS.

Even the elevator ride up was hip. Everything was cool.

Inside elevator - weird/cool montage with various movie scenes. Here's Slim Pickens as Major T.J. "King" Kong riding the bomb from Dr. Strangelove.

Our room was on the 5th floor, #12.

Why leave the room?!

Every other word out of Scott Babe's mouth was,
 "Look at this!" or "This is neat!" -- even for a candle in a tin.

Our view of The Highline:

Scott Babe had never been to Chelsea Market. Well, let me take that back. He's been to the bar under Chelsea Market, but never did lunch or shopping there! 

Scott Babe was in HEAVEN at Los Tacos No.1. He said, "These are the best tacos I've had on the east coast." He got himself back in line for seconds. I knew he would like them. I had eaten here on my own a couple of months ago and knew I had to get him here.

Exotic produce at The Manhattan Fruit Exchange

A visit to Chelsea Market isn't complete without stopping at Fat Witch!

Darn! We forgot to bring our good knife for sharpening!

We left Chelsea Market for some shopping on 12th &14th Streets. I had never been to Jeffrey -- cute but pricey store. Ted Baker made sure you knew you were in the Meatpacking district with their cleaver door handle! 

Moschino wins for best window display

The French Bulldog and the English Bulldog

Back to the hotel:

Nope, we didn't skate! We headed to the bier garten!

It turns out, we were the old people at the beer garden. This was the place to be if you were twenty-something. One round of drinks at the bar was enough for me. 

4:30 pm Sunset:

Selfie at Le Bain on the 18th Floor


Mother Nature didn't give us a sunset. Maybe that's her way of saying, "Do another getaway!"
This shot shows the semi-frozen Hudson River.

Cool staircase to restroom

Have volume turned so you can hear what's playing in the unisex restroom.

Walking to dinner, I couldn't help but gawk at this pretty mode of transportation! Tarissa, we need this for your Bachelorette party!
No photos from dinner. 
I chose Catch because of the very good reviews and because it was a block from the hotel.
Seating was uncomfortable -- tables too close together. 
My appetizer went missing as Scott devoured his sushi starter.
 My entree arrived and I said, "What about my shrimp appetizer?" 
 When it arrived, it looked like something from a cheap Chinese take-out place.
 As the bus-boy was cleaning the table next to us, he cleared it off by literally flinging the crumbs and remnants of food onto my cashmere animal print dress. 
There was no way this restaurant was going to get another dime from us. I had a dessert tip from my colleague.

Back to the hotel:


There's a small cafe that you can watch the skaters from. The menu didn't list the chocolate mousse that my colleague recommended. I asked if it was available. :) And sure enough it was! 

7 am Sunday Sunrise:

Morning snapshots as I walk to Starbucks:

Brunch at The Standard Grill: 

Our time at The Standard has come to a close. The receptionist asked me I wanted a printed receipt or have it emailed. I chose the latter. A few minutes later, I get our receipt. Everything is fine.

A few hours past, I received one more (adjusted) receipt from the hotel. 
$15 charge???? 
But we didn't drink anything from the mini-fridge! Nothing! I gave the hotel a call. The gentleman said, "The candle".


  1. So cool! glad you guys had a nice ghance of scenery! :)


  2. Loved it Mrs. Muller! Happy you had such a lovely weekend! xo

    ...and hope you enjoyed that candle :)

  3. I had to wait until I had time to dedicate to reading this!
    I love that you took a 'just because' getaway <3 This looks like a great hotel- a lot of cool details
    That restaurant sounds horrible- but the dessert with rubber spatulas?! Haha awesome
    How funny about the candle ahhh!!

  4. WAUW Tricia, it looked fantastic! Great quality time! (Although sometimes not on the plate ;-) but you had plenty of other good stuff huh).
    I just loved your impressions x

  5. Inspiring for our 2014 trip to NY, Tricia xo Jane & Desta

  6. Oh those pictures of the food are making me so hungry, they look so good :)