Sunday, June 29, 2014

How long have we've been married?

Scott Babe and I have been together for ten years in September. So...when I asked Scott, "Have we been married two years or three years?" a few weeks ago, he wasn't sure either. hehe

A few pics taken by Wendy on our wedding day:

June 21, 2011: New York City's City Hall

June 21, 2011: Flatiron Building - On our way to Shake Shack

June 11, 2011:Taxi to Penn Station ♥

Meine Damen und Herren -- Look who we ran into! Our friend Darbe supporting Germany during the World Cup!

Our celebration dinner was at Narcissa (nestled in The Standard Hotel East Village). I follow Jessica Seinfeld on Instagram and when she posted her French Fried Carrots from this restaurant, I was very curious to try it for myself.

Buttery deliciousness 

Who would know beets could taste THIS DARN GOOD. 
Rotisserie-Crisped Beats - bulgar salad, apples, creamed horseradish
(Scott's Crab Salad in the background - another amazing appetizer)

Where do I start?! Ok -- I had to try what Jessica raved about!! Those Carrot Fries with jalapeño-tofu dip! Not bad! Scott Babe devoured his Baby Chicken rotisserie, broccoli rabe, spiced sausage. Mine was meaty to say the least: Bone-In Prime Ribeye slow-roasted accompanied by Sea-Salt Potatoes with Shishito Peppers & a crispy, gem lettuce salad. If my maternal Grandfather was still alive, he would have said to me, "You have big eyes." I ended up taking most of the steak to-go.

How did I completely forget that when I made our reservation via Open Table that I said give us a good table because we're celebrating our anniversary?!?! :)
Bittersweet Chocolate Tart with curry-roasted bananas, espresso ice cream

Cooper Square, East Village --  A quick video of what we walked passed, on our way to the subway station.

East Village

We are on track!

Time for Dave Chappelle!
We stood in line to get our bags checked. I had Scott hand over my bag of steak since it appeared it might be an issue. It was. No food or drink allowed. I tossed my bottle of SmartWater, not a problem. My rib eye?? You want me to throw this away??? Scott is normally the conservative one when it comes to money; not me. I said to the young security girl, "This is fifty dollars worth of steak -- I cannot get rid of it." She said, "You have to. It will stink up the theater." I said, "Let me call my girlfriend who works around the corner" (Colleen at Us Weekly!) As I was figuring out on my phone if I wanted to text her or call her, the girl whispered to me, "Go in now, my boss isn't looking."


Today is our actual anniversary and I planned the day pretty low key since we were out late the night before and we have a busy day on Sunday.

Brunch at Raymond's -- where else?!

Scott Babe had the croque-madame special and I had the fat free eggs benedict.

With our full bellies, we then headed next door to Amanti Vino and sat outside drinking a bottle of rosé on this beautiful day. ♥


We took the train into the city and as we were walking to Bryant Park, we conveniently passed the pop-up foodie stations near Herald Square called Broadway Bites.

Photo bomb or a decisive moment?

Talenti Gelato - this hit the spot!

Bryant Park is pretty cool!

We had yummy cocktails and tasty dinner at Calle Ocho in the Excelsior Hotel (Upper West Side on 81st st.) Scott quickly said how there were no windows! Ooops. That does make a difference in a dining experience. Oh and also makes it a challenge to take photos! I had first learned about this place when I visited with Wendy & Diane and we sat in the bar area. I recommend everyone doing the same! :)

It's almost show time!

The Ansonia :)
Isn't it gorgeous? It's across the street from the Beacon Theatre. Click here to take a look inside. Maybe you care to buy or rent. :) 
(I'm thinking of our fabulous Realtor Linda who will enjoy this!)

Gracious permission given by Jenna LaMagna to use her fabulous photo of Theresa Caputo.♥

Theresa looked STUNNING in her custom made dress and Swarovski Crystal Christian Louboutin Stilettos! Scott Babe joined me. He's not into her like I am, but he was curious. At one point, Theresa was only 2 to 3 feet from us in the lower balcony. Nope, neither one of us got read, but it was incredibly touching to see her connect with others and their departed loved ones. 

When Scott and I took the train back home and were walking to our car in the parking garage, Scott saw something near our car. He bent down and picked it up and said, "It's a Star of David." I said, "That must be from one of your Grandmother's." ♥


  1. I seriously cannot believe it's been ten years! Time flies when you are having fun. Congratulations to you and many more anniversaries ahead! Love-sam

  2. time sure flies.. no kitties ... did they not approve? hahahah great album!- chris H

  3. I absolutely love this post. Might be my favorite so far! The restraint looks amazing: so much food! You guys are amazing, Happy Anniversary!!! And that pigeon, totally Henri Bresson ;)