Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wendy + Paul's Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding

The highlight of our road trip was Wendy and Paul's wedding! Their rehearsal dinner was on Friday, October 10th in Solvang. It was like a mini wedding because a long table was set up for ALL of us wedding guests. It was SO NICE. 

James, Miriam and Wendy

Paul's sister Isabella giving her toast and blessing.

Wendy + Paul touching hands under the table

Saturday, October 11th

We were all shuttled from our hotels at 3 pm up to the Farm House on Figueroa Mountain! That alone was an adventure. LOL. You wouldn't want to drive it yourself. 

Once we arrived, we could see why Wendy and Paul chose this location to get married. It was breathtaking. And the weather was perfect. 

Lemonade and iced water before the ceremony. Refreshing!

I did wonder about this guy. What's he up to?!  

We were all warned about this unique turf. I wasn't sure what to make of the heads up from Paul's email about "...the terrain up on the mountain is a bit dried out and cracked, and though you can avoid it for the most part, it’s something to be aware of." I still wore my one and only pair of Manolo Blahniks, but it wasn't too long when I changed into my flip flops. ♥

Dan, the officiant (and best friend of Wendy & Paul), and all of us waiting for them to make their entrance.

oh là là

Playful yet romantic wedding that I shall never forget.

Sealed with a kiss! 


Yes! You go Girl!

The Mariachi band played after Wendy and Paul's nuptials. Video shot by Scott Babe.

All the appetizers were tasty, but my heart stops for shrimp! 

Lori, Kim, Wendy, Jo 

iPhone pic of us taken by Diane Bondareff.
Ostrich farm behind us!

Ostrich farm video

One more photo taken by Diane, Wendy's wedding photographer
. Wendy's bouquet was GORGEOUS. Dad, if you are reading this, please plant the Anemone bulb in the fall (NOW!!!) for me please. It will grow nicely in your rock garden. ♥

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Anemōnē is Greek for "daughter of the wind".

View from the farm house.

This tub view ain't bad! 

 One of the cozy bedrooms.

Just incredible.

Cocktail hour video.

Table assignments.

I like to be called Mrs. Muller.♥

Diane, Adam, Tulani

A toast from the just married couple! ♥

The farm house during sunset.


James and Miriam

First dance to  "Love And Happiness" by Al Green. ♥

Photo taken by Diane

Crazy delicious cream puffs

The favors rocked! Custom made! Too cool. 

And one of Wendy's friends made the whiskey glasses!
Babe, when you're reading this, pour me a glass! ♥

*Stay tuned for the Madonna Inn!


  1. <3 <3 <3 great photos sister

  2. What a gorgeous setting! Love the videos too :).

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