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California Road Trip! October 12:The Madonna Inn

Sunday, Oct. 12

The day after Wendy and Paul's wedding, we checked out of the Corque Hotel in Solvang, and drove 35 minutes north on 101 to Santa Maria for lunch at Cool Hand Lukes Steakhouse. This was one of the few times where a GPS didn't get us quite to our destination. It brought us to wetlands!

What I like about this sign is that we would be eventually headed to all three! :) 

Whenever I see crops growing, I think of the wonderful trading game PIT.

I've never seen one of my favorite drinks, James and Ginger, listed on a menu before! 

Ribs for Scott Babe and fajitas for me.

Madonna Inn
After lunch, we drove 30 minutes north to the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. It's been in business for over 50 years. It was built by Alex and Phyllis Madonna. Phyllis loved the color pink and you will soon see this for yourself! Ever since I heard about this tacky resort, I have had it on my "to visit" list! The time finally came! They have 110 themed rooms. It was so much fun to go through them all. I immediately chose the Austrian suite because I spent a year abroad in Austria back in 1989. Click here to see which room you would choose!

Video of the sign with a quick appearance from Scott Babe. ♥

Our suite was on the top floor on the left (mostly cropped out - sorry!)

Ahh, a better exterior shot of our suite!

This spiral staircase ascended to our suite on the 4th floor. ♥

Our Austrian suite with two balconies for one night (video above)

What you see when you walk in the door :)

Another shot that includes the writing desk.

Another view point of the entrance area of our suite.♥

First of two balconies

 View from the first balcony

View when looking to the right -- our second upper balcony included. :)

There's no type of technology that intimidates Scott Babe; not even an electronic bidet toilet seat. hehe

Dresser and second balcony facing the bed.

Ready to explore the resort. This was view when we left our suite.

Checking out the pool -- video above

45-foot cascading waterfall that flows into lagoon

Exercise room

The Silver Bar Cocktail Lounge

Which drink would you choose? I loved my Lemon Coconut Cake.♥

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the Madonna Inn Souvenir Gift Shop and their boutique. This photo was the teaser case at reception.

Alex Madonna pictured above. He was 85 when he passed away in 2004.  

Fainting! We will be dining here later. Stay tuned!

Selfie before dinner

 Clearly a photo I shot earlier in the day, but trying to keep the themes together. :)

Ranch kitty!!! He was very cute and friendly. He belongs to Mrs. Madonna's daughter. I did have dirty paw marks all over my white jeans after this quick photo session! I quickly cleaned up in the restroom which I wanted to check out anyway! The men's room is more interesting. Stay tuned for that.

Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steak House before dinner hours. Isn't it cool? Scott hated it. (This and everything at the Madonna Inn, but he made the best of it because he saw how happy I was.)

 Old School!  

 The only social media Scott Babe does is Instagram. I think this bag of crackers was the only thing he was excited about at the Madonna Inn.  

  Pink Champagne Cake
I can't decide which cake shot I prefer, so here are both. This was crazy tasty. 

The urinals are famous and I made sure to have Scott Babe snap a pic for me. There's a sensor that activates a waterfall that pours down the rear of the urinal structure when a person stands at the urinal. :)

Men's room video

Monday, October 13th

Morning view from our bedroom balcony. I loved it.

Gorgeous landscaping

Breakfast at the Copper Café

We had breakfast at the Copper Café Pastry Shop. Carved in the wooden arch are the words, "Let's eat and be forever happy."  (I didn't realize that at the time, we will have to go back so I get all the words in a photo.)

Their popular cakes include: 
Pink Champagne - White cake with Bavarian and whip cream filling,
 Cream pie,
 Black Forest - Chocolate cake with chocolate and whip cream filling,
Toffee Crunch -  White cake with whip cream filling,
Lemon Coconut -White cake with lemon and whip cream filling.

 Pink Champagne and Carrot Cakes

Our table. I was in heaven; Scott Babe was in hell.

Other rooms:

Yosemite Falls (or Rock as it's listed on their website!)

Buzz Feed did a fun story on the resort: "The 25 Madonna Inn Rooms You Have To Stay In Before You Die". Not sure why our Austrian suite didn't make the list. That may just mean we will need to book another trip and try one of the rooms they suggest!

*Stay tuned for Hearst Castle!

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  1. I love your mirror shot of your suit :) and the room collage at the bottom! And the pink sugar! They should link this to their website!