Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Oct. 13 - Cayucos and Hearst Castle

Monday, October 13th

We checked out of the Madonna Inn (Boo hoo) and checked out downtown San Luis Obispo.  Time was tight because I had lunch planned in Cayucos and we had tickets for the 2 pm Hearst Castle tour.

San Luis Obispo had an adorable downtown. My friend Darbe recommended the famous bubblegum alley but we ran out of time. It's on our list for next time!

Tails Pet Boutique on Higuera Street :)

Next stop, lunch in Cayucos via Highway 1
 (20 minute drive)

Highway 1 video
"Where the old west meets the ocean"

Old Caycuos Tavern - bar in front, poker tables in back.

Saloon pooch

Say hello to Leo, Brown Butter Cookie Company's kitty. 

Ruddell's Smokehouse was a great hole in a wall.

Pooch friendly beach.♥ Video above.

One more video ♥

We left Cayucos and drove 50 minutes north to Hearst Castle in San Simeon.

Hearst Castle:
View of the castle from the Visitor Center

When it came to planning our afternoon at Hearst Castle, I was torn between the three tours: Grand Rooms, Upstairs Suites or Cottages & Kitchen. Scott lit up for the kitchen tour so that's how I decided which one. I was leaning towards upstairs! This only means we must visit again!
Because of the drought, the fountains and Neptune pool weren't operating.

 Front of Casa Grande

Woman architect -- JULIA MORGAN A bit from the Hearst Castle website:
"For 28 years, Morgan supervised nearly every aspect of construction at Hearst Castle including the purchase of everything from Spanish antiquities to Icelandic Moss to reindeer for the Castle’s zoo. She personally designed most of the structures, grounds, pools, animal shelters and workers’ camp down to the minutest detail."

Fountain overlooking the valley and the Pacific ocean. 
(Pretend you see the ocean in my pic!)

The Kitchen:

 I was a fan of the tile.

Scott babe LOVED to see the big, professional equipment used to cook for so many guests.

Wine Cellar:

Not just wine; water, too!
The cellar has a 10,000-bottle capacity. Hearst himself was not fond of drinking one too many --  "drinks were served, not drunks." However, his mistress, Marion Davies, was known to enjoy many a nightcap.

Spanish for “House of the Mountain”—which referred to the sweeping views of the Santa Lucia Mountains.

This home served as the Hearst family’s earliest residence in the summers of 1921/22.

One of the four bedrooms 

One of four bathrooms 

Creepy ceiling detail

 Hand painted and covered in 22 carat gold leaf. "San Simeon" is written on the ceiling.

Girl Feeding Lamb By Marcel Courbier (1898-1976)
Purchased from ar tist 1929

Spanish for “House of the Sea” 
Neptune (God of the sea) sculpture

Sitting room - picture the Pacific ocean out these windows. ♥ 

Above the sofa

One of eight bedrooms

Bedroom ceiling

 Hearst had a heart condition that required him to live in Casa del Mar at age 82. He was still very sharp and in control of his empire. Marion remembered, “Through the door lattice I could see that his lights were on, all night long...he would still be writing…” 

Neptune skate park... err... Pool:

Wendy's paternal grandfather was a two star general, had met the President and stayed & swam at the Hearst Castle once in the late 1940s.

South side of Casa Grande

 Hearst chose to use wellheads in the gardens around Hearst Castle for decoration. This 15th century Italian limestone wellhead with its column, bracket and bucket is the best example of how many people got their water 600 years ago in Italy.

 Hearst originally purchased this wellhead named “El Pozo de Verona” in 1900 and gave it to his mother, Phoebe. She displayed it prominently at the entrance of her Pleasanton hacienda and even named the estate after it. The wellhead was brought to Hearst Castle and placed prominently on the South Terrace after Phoebe's death.

Roman Pool:

Modeled after ancient Roman baths, this meticulously detailed, majestic pool is tiled from ceiling to floor, and features copies of eight ancient Roman marble statues.

Our photo was taken at the Visitor's center before we rode the bus up to the castle. This is one of four backdrops of the same pic of us.

Driving back down to the Visitor Center.

 Several log animal shelters were built near the road leading to the Castle so guests could see Mr. Hearst’s collection of exotic animals while driving by.

 Tahr goats

*Stay tuned for Big Sur


  1. This is super cool. I love the Pooch friendly beach!! That castle looks amazing; too bad you couldn't stay there!!