Saturday, January 3, 2015

Oct. 13-14 Big Sur

We left Hearst Castle and drove an hour and a half north on Highway 1 to Deetjen's Big Sur Inn, where we would spend the night.

The drive was slow with two-lane twists on Highway 1. Half way there, Scott Babe pulled over and asked if I wouldn't mind driving the rest. Not a problem! But then, seconds later, he had his seat reclined and was snoozing! Hmmmmm!  

I chose Deetjen's because we could spend the night in our own cabin! Opened in 1937 by Helmuth Deetjen (His father was German and his mother Norwegian) and Helen Deetjen, much is still old school today.  To reserve a room, you pick up the phone. There was no internet and no cellphone reception and the multi-tasked girl who checked us in told us we could make calls from their phone if we needed to.

I was overwhelmed when we were given this map! The girl assured me that the property was smaller than this looks! She was right!

It's the only standalone cabin at Deetjen's. Castro Canyon Creek to the right.  

One more to show you the tall redwoods

Our own deck that overlooked the creek ♥

 Parking spot just for us. ♥

Inside our Cabin:
 Our cabin only locked from the inside! And that latch was the lock! LOL

 The night before this, we were at the Madonna Inn. As you read from that posting and our Holiday card this year, Scott wasn't a fan. I was taken aback when standing in our peaceful cabin, Scott Babe said, "THIS IS NEAT." Wow. He likes it!!!
 Scott isn't a fan of camping, which this isn't, but I felt like I was taking a chance with a cabin. ♥

 Double bed ♥

View from skylight above bed

Journal entries in the night-stand from over from past cabin visitors!

No frills.

Window behind bed. ♥

After we checked in, we drove to the restaurant and bar, Nepenthe (less than a mile from Deetjen's), to catch the 6:30 pm sunset. Reader, I was so ready for this. After all, I had teased myself with other Instagrammers' photos taken at this very spot for nearly a year.
Time to get mine, or so I thought. :(

 Phoenix Shop below Nepenthe -- cool finds inside:

Video of the cool watering can fountain

My sunset photo. 
Picture the Pacific ocean in the haze along with pretty sunset colors.

The place was empty because of the overcast. :( 

We headed back to Deetjen's for our dinner reservation:

We chose a Pinot Noir from the Santa Barbara area :)

It was a romantic dinner; Scott Babe had my undivided attention
   with the exception of me chasing down Fabio to pet!
 Fabio has a blog! Click here.

October 14th
When working on our itinerary, I was torn between Deetjen's for breakfast or Big Sur Bakery. I grabbed a coffee at Deejen's and took the following photos before we left for breakfast.

Library with payphone inside

Mosaic on one of the buildings

Written in the doorway in white, Deetjen had carved a passage from Mozart's The Magic Flute: "Within these sacred portals revenge and hate must cease/The souls of straying mortals in love will find release."


Awwwww! Boooo hisssssss!

Fabio joined me for coffee ♥

Chalet (Upstairs Room) - Queen Bed, Two Single Beds, Private Bath

 Champagne (Below the Chalet) -
Queen Bed, Wood-burning Stove, Private Bath. Built in 1941.

 New Room -
Queen Bed, Private Bath and Wood-burning Stove. Built in 1951. 

Grandpa’s Room - 
Queen Bed, Single Bed (In an Alcove), Wood-burning Stove, Private Bath.
The former home of the Inn's founder Grandpa Deetjen, this room has special magic, and Grandpa's "vinyl" aka record collection.

Breakfast at Big Sur Bakery:

Click here for their website

I wanted all of this!

Delicious apple strudel 

Oh, I got this, too. Delish.
I was very pleased with our breakfast but I would love to check out Deetjen's breakfast next time!

One more try for that gorgeous photo at Nepenthe:

*Stay tuned for Sarah Winchester's house


  1. LOVED the cabin and especially the skylight of the Redwoods!!!

  2. This is hands-down my favorite posting from the trip. Love the woodsy Inn ( and house of cats hahaha). I need to make a trip here!!