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March 2015 - Rachel's 40th at Club Med Turkoise

*DELAYED posting. Reader, a heads up that I was extremely late in putting this together. We went to Turks in March of 2015 and I'm working on this in January 2016. Yikes.

I have been a fan of Club Med's all-inclusive vacations ever since I took my first trip in 2003 to the Turks and Caicos Islands. When Rachel announced in January that she would be celebrating her 40th birthday at Club Med Turkoise in March, I knew we had to join her! This was a very special occasion and the beach is a dream! We booked 4 nights because we still want to do more traveling this year. (Direct flights from Newark made the traveling easier!)

Sunday, March 15th:
We just landed at Providenciales Airport (Provo for short!) in Turks & Caicos.
Michael, Scott Babe, Danielle, Club Med G.O. Diesel, and the birthday girl!

Basic room. All we need. We're at Turks for Rachel's b'day + the beach!

Shots before dinner!

Rachel's pic of us: Michael, Scott Babe, me, Laura, Danielle.

Monday, March 16th

G.O.'s relaxing during BBQ set up this morning (I hadn't read the memo at the time I had taken this pic that we were actually invited to this!)
Choppy water -- flipped once!

Silver & Gold Member Lunch
Scott and I are silver Club Med members because this was our 9th Club Med vacation together (my 10th!). We were the youngest couple at this lunch. Everyone looked like they were in their 70's.  As I'm writing this on 1/24/16, Scott Babe said, "We're never going to one of those again!" Whatever! LOL.
 Me & bartender Arnie -- he taught me how to make the proper pina colada 10 years ago: one shot each dark, light, and gold rums! Click here for my older blog posting on him!

After lunch:

Ice pops with the Easter Bunny: Laura, Rachel, Michael, Danielle, Scott Babe, Heidi

One of my favorite things about Turks is watching the trapeze!

Gorgeous sunset.

Scott Babe LOVES soft-serve ice cream. ♥


Start of the show! :)

Tina Turner!

MC Hammer!

 Rachel's pic of Danielle, me, Scott Babe, Heidi :)

Rachel and Laura

Scott Babe and Heidi

Heidi's photobomb!

Rachel's pic!

Wednesday, March 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Gorgeous day! Calm water. :)

Rachel :)

Scott Babe, Rachel, Michael

Me and Rachel

Heidi and Scott paying close attention to the race details. I opted out because of my fear of sailing. I'm still nervous after an incident we had on Scott's 40th in the Bahamas. I made him nervous by saying, "shouldn't we switch sides," and we ended up flipping the catamaran.

Scott Babe and Heidi taking off.

Chugging the local beer before the final heat

Heidi and Scott won the 2nd heat of the regatta and ended in 3rd place (almost 2nd!) in the end. 

Another dynamite sunset.


Heidi and me

Danielle, Rachel, Michael, Heidi

Danielle, Laura, Heidi, Rachel and me

 Rachel's pic of us. ♥

There was a delay in getting this b'day cake to arrive! But in the end, Rachel was one happy 40-year-old! (Her actual birthday is March 10)


Wednesday, March 18th

My favorite food at Club Med!

Couples massage time!
Selfie ♥

Welcomed guest! :)

Heidi made a new friend!

Almost time to be in the fashion show! 

Rachel's pic! It's easier to do this with a glass of prosecco!

Rachel's pic - I ended up finishing in 2nd place at TX hold 'em (beating Scott babe and the chief of the village!!!!!)

Thursday, March 19th - last day

Early morning shot of the pool.

Spot the kitty!

I have a few 45 shirts! 
The boutique always promotes the daily dress code.

What's up with these t-shirts, you ask? It's Club Med's signature 45 t-shirt. The club celebrated their 45th anniversary in 1995. When the 50th anniversary rolled around in 2000, Club Med naturally made shirts with 50 on them. For some reason, these shirts didn't sell very well in the boutique shops in each village, and people kept asking for the 45 shirts.

Our 4 nights in paradise has come to an end!
Scott Babe, me, Danielle, Laura, Heidi, Michael
Photo taken by Rachel. ♥

Selfie before departure! (Only Scott Babe and I were leaving!)

Heidi's departure photo & caption!!!!:
Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker (with white tote bag) and their kids leaving Turks the same time as I am. They have good taste in vacations! — at Providenciales International Airport.

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