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Austria - Feb. 24-25, 2016 Part 3

Wednesday, Feb. 24th:
Schlag in my coffee along with butter-bread and homemade honey made by the Egger family up the street. :)

Wolfgang's beautiful kitty Barun. He never warmed up to me. I needed more time!

A stop in Gmünd for cigs and a lottery ticket.

We drove on the other side of the mountain where my host family lives so I could get shots of their house. I posted the photo below in Part 1 to give you a gist of where I would be! As you can see above, the road wasn't accessible. Wolfgang had a feeling this would happen. pic is not directly in front of Trebesing like I had hoped.

Video taken in car while Queen played on the radio! :)

Pic of Burg Sommerergg in Seeboden, a 12th century castle. We drove up to see if we could get a coffee at the cafe, but it was closed for winter break -- like many other places!

I had Pichlhütte on my itinerary for a sledding idea. Oh, and please don't ask me how to pronounce that name! I don't think I've mentioned how bad I am at German pronunciation or some English words for that matter! 
Anyway, back to Pichlhütte.... It was closed. Coincidentally, I ended up meeting the owner of it the next day! She was a delightful waitress at one of the gasthauses 20 minutes away in Gmünd! 

 Millstätter lake - 7 miles long

Another pic of the lake

Pics taken from the car

Our plan for today was to check out Schwaigerhütte and have lunch there. turned out to be only open Friday through Sunday. Do you see RODELBAHN in blue? That means there's sledding at Schwaigerhütte. :)
*The other cabins listed were actually completely closed. GESCHL is short for Closed.

Thank goodness for Plan B:
We drove ten minutes to Spittal to take a ride on this ski lift & have lunch! When it's lit at night, you can actually see it from the autobahn by my host family's house. Very cool.
 Doesn't look like much snow, huh? ---- Wait until we get higher. :)


We didn't make it to the top (Panorama Alm at top of map) because we didn't have skis, but it was still a blast at Shirmbar (middle of map) with gorgeous views. I do ski, but at this elevation I'm scared to death. (I'm getting more frightened of things with age.)  Wolfgang and I walked to for lunch at Alpengasthof Krendlmar. Took about 30 minutes.


We are getting close!


View behind me! I love it.

I ordered the "Grillteller" with garlic butter and fries -- Three pieces of meat and I loved the fancy cut hot dog for garnish! (Wolfgang ordered this, too. We both devoured it.) 

I was too full for dessert; I tried their (very strong!) house schnapps made from root of "enzian" flower, which is "gentiana" in English. As I'm captioning this, I'm using both Google Translate and to figure out what I drank! LOL.

Wolfgang :)

View of where we just had lunch.

Another selfie.

Time for a refresher! Video of us walking to the Schirmbar (Umbrella Bar) through the kids' ski section.


View from bar's window. 

My favorite soda is Austrian Almdudler. (Very similar to Ginger Ale)

Another selfie.
 Icelandic sweater from Scott Babe's layover in Reykjavík a year ago!

City center Spittal:
Traditional clothing store.

Back for more:

This was my 2nd visit back to Lienbacher. Above is my Esterhazyschnitte. I've noticed that any dessert with the word "schnitte", which means slice, is incredibly tasty. ♥ 

Back in Gmünd:
I think it's worth noting that I was LUCKY to have done the Frido Kordon Hütte lunch and sledding four days prior! It's now closed! 
(Not enough snow.)

Altweiberkapelle (Old women's chapel)
There are little chapels like this all over Austria.

The altar inside the little chapel.

 I was really looking forward to have a drink at Gmünd's fortress.

View from the fortress.

 Castle Lodron in blue (now a music middle school) which my girlfriend Margit's two children attend.

Here's my least favorite word again! Geschlossen!!! Cafe/Restaurant at the fortess closed until March 18th! Darn!

This gasthaus took today off.

A refreshing beer at Gasthaus Prunner.  

We made a stop at the grocery store before heading home and I thought this Coke Life looked funny!

Thursday, Feb. 25th:
Wolfgang and I began our day at the farmers' market at Portia castle in Spittal. There's a market here every Thursday morning.

Handcrafted Easter eggs

Wolfgang identified every veggie for me. :)

 We had a beer at Weisses Rössl before heading to lunch.

This was a lovely bar and I recommend it to anyone visiting Spittal.

 I do enjoy a refresher before noon! :)

A quick visit to the high school I attended my junior year. I actually had forgotten exactly where it was. :/
We met up with Vati for lunch at Panorama Drautal Perle. 

Sliced pancakes in beef broth :)

Vati's Grillteller - Grilled beef, pork, and turkey with frankfurter garnish and parsley potatoes.

 My Wiener Schnitzel with parsley potatoes and lingonberry.

Cappuccino with schlag.

 Zuckerreinkerl - cinnamon roll

After lunch, Vati went to visit Mutti's cousin and Wolfgang drove to Weissen Lake:

After about 25 minutes of driving, we stopped at Gasthaus zur Post in Kleblach for a refresher.(Wolfgang stopped drinking alcohol, 5 years ago, As in all of my postings with Wolfgang and I drinking, he always chose an alcohol-free beer.)

Driving video

One more driving video.

Weissen Lake - it was very quiet here because the winter season was over.

Seehaus Winkler

Zimmermann's Gasthaus 

When I posted this photo on Facebook, my girlfriend Iris, wrote, "That's where my brother works!"


Wolfgang and I actually sat outside and enjoyed the view.

Beautiful homes.

Back in Spittal for my favorite dessert, Karrdinalschnitte at Konditorei Lienbacher.
(Third and last time there on this visit. Will be back on next trip, that's for sure.)

Back home - Moritz, Vati, Heidi, Christian, Wolfgang
(Wolfgang and Heidi are cousins on Mutti's side)

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  1. Yum yum yum! And so beautiful! Wouldn't it be wonderful to go to a music middle school in a castle? Always love reading your posts Tricia! ��