Monday, January 30, 2017

Fondue Yurt

My niece, Tarissa, said she needed to take one more vacation day before the end of February and wanted to do the Big Apple with me. I suggested a couple of dates and we chose Tuesday, January 10th. As you all know by now, I do love to plan an itinerary. This one was tricky because it was semi last minute and my #1 idea, fondue in a yurt, was in limbo. Making a reservation was challenging, to say the least. I was persistent and I had some patience. Friends asked how I learned of this fondue yurt. I either googled "fondue" and "New York City" or I received an email promo from The Standard Hotel. I have a fond 70's childhood memory of doing fondue at my paternal Grandparents' house. They were Swiss after all. (That's family lore - My Grandfather always said he was of Swiss decent, but that is debatable.)

January, 10. 2017 - One of my life's favorite days.

I met Tarissa at Port Authority and we rode the subway down to Soho neighborhood.

Our first time trying Dominique Ansel.

The famous Cronut®. Tarissa and I split it. They run out of these every morning, but luck was on our side. ♥ It was DELISH.

We also ordered their famous hot cocoa with blooming marshmallow. Very cool, but the cocoa itself was too rich for Tarissa or me to enjoy.

Next stop was Giggle around the corner, where Tarissa scored a cute pair of moccasins for baby Caleb.

Grrrrrrr! Bloomingdale's was closed until noon for inventory.


 We arrived right when they opened for lunch. We scored this table by the window.

 This was my second time at Freud. I also enjoy their sister restaurants, Edi and the Wolf and Schilling. All Austrian and all wunderbar.

I had a German pilsner and Tarissa had apple & celery (non-alcoholic)!

We BOTH ordered shrimp cocktail to start! Isn't that adorable? Well, I got a kick out of it, anyway.

Tarissa is a healthier eater than I. We devoured our salmon and Wienerschnitzel.
 I said "no dessert", we gotta save room in our bellies for our fondue at 4:30. Why 4:30, you may ask? You try getting a fondue reservation in a yurt at The Standard Hotel! ♥

Meow Parlour in the Lower East Side:

Instagram Story




One more of Tigger. Isn't she cute?
Moo Shoes:
Moo Shoes (Vegan/non-leather) was next on our itinerary because I read in my girlfriend Tamar's book, Shop Cats of New York, that Moo Shoes had two kitties, Marlow and Georgie, that happened to be just a couple of blocks from Meow Parlour.

We arrived and I didn't see Marlow and Georgie. :( I asked and it turns out that they were on vacation with their owner. I walked away with a cute pair of booties made in Portugal, though. ♥

Lower East Side

Back to Bloomingdale's in Soho for shopping!

The Standard Hotel (East Village):

 The yurt we ended up having was the one right behind this gate on the right.

Our yurt reservation was at 4:30 -- we got there 15 minutes early. Not a problem! We were seated immediately.

 This was our yurt!

One more pic because this is too exciting!

Our yurt until 6:30!

One of our two gracious servers.

Yurt video! Have sound on :)

Our heating source above us. (It got warm quickly! No winter coat needed!)

 Cider and Gluwein

 Nearly ready for a second Gluwein!
(I'm wearing my Icelandic wool sweater that Scott Babe got me from the Reykjavik airport a year and a half ago!)

Tarissa actually told our waitress that she didn't love her hot cider and replaced it with the Gluwein at no additional charge.

We never had to "press for service". Our servers were very attentive, but not overly attentive.

One of the best salads we have ever eaten: Narcissa's signature salad.

Sausages, potatoes, apples, pickles, Brussels sprouts, endive, pears, cauliflower, and mushrooms.
(Tarissa's favorite was the Brussels sprouts! Mine was the potatoes and sausage!)

  Gruy√®re & Emmental Fondue. Crazy delicious.

 Warm apple strudel with whipped cream. To die for.

I said, "This is neat" a dozen times to Tarissa. The end.


  1. Such wonderful photos, and such precious it!

  2. Tricia you are amazing at this!! If you ever wanted to start your own biz planning tourist's days in NYC, you would be sensational at it!!!

    Hope all is well and keep up with the blog -- it's great! -- Merrideth

  3. How amazing is that day? You're planning ALL from now on!