Monday, February 13, 2017

2 nights with Kate Pierson

No, just kidding. The closest we came to being with Kate Pierson from the B-52s was staying at her little motel in the Catskills. :) She owns it with her partner, Monica.

I originally learned of Kate's Lazy Meadow from this posting I stumbled upon on social media: Iconic American lodging: cool and offbeat motels in USA. We have already done the Madonna Inn! I must have a thing for tacky motels because I also want to visit this one after my gf, Lisa S., asked me if I had heard of it.

Wednesday, Feb. 8th:
We had a beautiful day to drive our 109 miles to Mt. Tremper, New York. Temps were even around 60! (I love the name Ho-Ho-Kus, so I had to snap that photo above! I  learned of that town when I lived in Hackensack over 10 years ago.)

"BABE! Montreal is so close!!!!!!!!!" I said. hehe

Yeah, from warm temps to a winter storm warning for the next day!!! I was prepared! I had bananas, eggs, English muffins, and a stick of butter packed!

I think we'll stop at Fabulous Furniture next time.

As you'll see in the video above, we arrived about 30 minutes after check in time of 3 pm and the parking lot was empty! Yikes!

The office

We walked to the office and on the door was this envelope with our key to suite #8! It felt weird that we were the only ones there.

Suites 6a and 6b, shown here, were next to our building.

Back view of our cabin

Our home for the next 2 nights.
No cell service, but WiFi worked like a charm.

Tour of our suite!

I was concerned with the heating of this place, thinking it would be too cold. I was happily proven wrong! Heat worked well! 

2015 issue of Dinosaur that featured Kate Pierson on cover. (Photo shoot was done at Kate's Lazy Meadow.)

Gas range worked nicely.

 Cozy full size bed. 
There was a lady bug on Scott Babe's pillow. I believe that was good luck. ♥

(I loved watching the snow fall through this window.)

Big orange thing was a camping wardrobe with extra pillows and blankets at bottom. 

No maid service. We knew this going in. 

"I played Mastermind growing up!", I said proudly to Scott Babe. Well, guess how he replied? You'll never guess! 
"I wrote a program when I was a little kid to run it on the Apple IIe"
(Scott Babe's version used numbers; not colors.)

Unloading the car.

After having drinks with my girlfriend Julie last month, I was convinced to get Cucina on our itinerary. I'm so glad I did. I would go back to the Catskills just to eat there again. It was that good -- from the bread basket to the dessert.

I had two of these -- Grapefruit Margarita! 
I put my iPhone away after this pic. I did the price fix and Scott Babe ordered à la carte with the minestrone soup and chicken parm for entrée. He enjoyed both very much.  
I devoured my appetizer: Burrata, avocado, prosciutto, baby greens, lemon, and olive oil. And OMG to my entree: Risotto with shrimp, scallop, and tomato. The quality was on the same high level as our beloved Osteria Giotto that closed last summer.
We shared the butterscotch budino, toasted coconut crème for dessert. (I want to try their tiramisu on next visit!)

After dinner, I kept thinking about the next morning because of the impending snow. I knew I wanted one more item with breakfast if I or Scott were to cook. We stopped at Sunflower Market. I was people watching as Scott Babe was fascinated by the bring your own container to pump your own soap. I ended up getting a couple of potatoes and an onion. 

Thursday, Feb. 9th - Snowed-in!
Video of winter storm Niko shot at 8:30 in the morning.

View from our door.

 Our car

 Sign as you face south.

 Sign as you face north.

Click here to look inside suite #5!


 Ginger Baby
Charlie Baby
My girlfriend Chrissy was a trooper and braved the snowstorm back in Jersey to feed Charlie and Ginger! She has a jeep which makes life easier, but still. What a rock star, huh?
Both pics taken by Chrissy.

If there was no snow, we would have had breakfast in Woodstock at Shindig and lunch 3 miles away at the Phoenicia Diner. (I used the land line for a few restaurants that day to see if they were open or not. The diner closed at 11 am because of the snow.)

 I left the potato skins on -- not only for the rustic look, but because there was no peeler in the drawer! (There were lots of other utensils.)

I cooked a late breakfast. When Scott Babe said, "I could have cooked the eggs." That meant he thought my eggs were sub par! Scott likes to do scrambled eggs on a low flame and cooked slowly while keep turning them.

 Scott Babe ready to clean off the car.
How to get this look:
 Thinsulate hat
TWOFACE™ Polarized sunglasses by Oakley (discontinued navy model found at seller in Dubai)
Turtle Fur® gaiter
Fjällräven Arktis parka

We needed the 2 pairs of boots each!
(1977 Instagram filter)

My tote has come in handy for my bulky mittens and hat!

I was bummed to read on Facebook that Peekamoose was closed because they weren't able to get their morning deliveries and wanted to keep their employees safe. I had made a dinner reservation with them a month ago. (The restaurant was courteous enough to call my cell and let me know, but I didn't get the message until hours later when I had cell reception.)

 Daniel Boone statue

Main Street in Phoenicia

We had a refresher at Sportman's in Phoenicia before heading to dinner.

The Red Onion👎
I had back up dinner ideas along with suggestions from Kate's Lazy Meadow. Regrettably, I chose The Red Onion over Tavern 214. In the Red Onion's defense, perhaps they simply had an off-night because of the snow. (High reviews on Yelp.) I would go again if I'm in the area, but only have a cocktail or two at the pretty bar.

Friday, Feb. 10th:

I loved the menu. Looking forward to coming back here.


After our yummy breakfast, we finished packing and finally met Carmon and Nathalie at the office, where I learned that we were getting an even better deal on price.  Their special this month is second night half off!

We then drove to uptown Kingston to meet up with Carolita for lunch. I met her when I was working for Conde Nast and sold New Yorker cartoons to clients. ♥

All you need in life is at Diego's! Delicious lunch.

Carolita's 12 year old, Hammy Baby. He melted my heart.

Zaborski Emporium: 
Scott Babe keeping things level. hehe.

I imagine that Zaborski's had some of my Dutch ancestors’ belongings.  Many Dutch who immigrated into New Amsterdam (New York City) in the early 1600's went up the Hudson River to Ulster County, NY (Kingston).
 My parents spend much of their spare time on our family tree.  I brought up a PDF to see who exactly was in Kingston in the 1600 to 1700s:
1600s - Eyck, DeWitt, Van Keuren, Van Vliet, DePuy, Van Noordan, Decker, Bosch, Hussey, DeJongh, and Roosa,
1700s - Andriessen, Matthyssen, Van Campen, and Schoonmaker.
(Please don't think I only have Dutch blood, I've a got a nice mixed bag.)

The End. ♥


  1. Like the, "how to get this look" section.

  2. That place looks adorable! So, no visit from Kate though? Maybe next time. You guys always find the most wonderful places! xo

  3. Such fun...I, too, thought the 'how to get this look section' was a very special touch.
    AND, I didn't even know our snowstorm had a name until I read this post! Niko!!!
    I love the KUDOS to the 1977 IG filter, and most of all, I hope you tried on the wig...
    :) xoxo

  4. omg the Roxbury looks a lot like the Madonna Inn! The WiFi password is appropriate. My favorite is the random swan in the wall cut-out. Interesting tidbit about the family tree!